Espresso Machine Review : Gaggia Brera (Super Automatic) [LONG VERSION]

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YouTube Page: Espresso Machine: Coffee: http://www.wh…


Johnny Redneck says:

So you carried a 700 dollar coffe maker on you bicycle instead of saving
for a car

Alex McNally says:

Why do you guys worry about what he spends his money, your not his
financial advisor, besides he said he traded something for the espresso

frank123612 says:

awesome! going to have to check into it

MoR91Ga says:

The difference is Jeff doesn’t spend the first 10 minutes of his videos
saying “HEY GUYS WUUUTZZZ UP CL-crew!!!!! it’s cutlery lover here keeping
it real. As you know I always keep it real here on the cutlery lover
channel, I feel its’ an… BLAH BLAH BLAH” nutnfacny can’t just shut the
fuck up about “TNP” and all of his own bullshit. How much work TNP, all his
“commitments” etc… he’s such a fucking faggot jesus christ. Cutlerylover
ALL DAY. Genuine, nice, and NEVER asked for money.

Boomdiggitys says:

Ima go make some coffee now…

thingyee1118 says:

Drinking tea whilst watching this. 🙂

800lb Gorilla says:

Very nice. When you’re looking for your next bag of beans, check out
Gorilla Coffee (Brooklyn NYC) and Bard (Portland, ME). My two personal
favorites, absolutely mind-blowingly fresh and flavorful.

SSHAMR0Ckk says:

saw this video, went and made myself an esspresso on my own Gaggi Breara

adog7474 says:

cant believe i watched this whole thing lol i want one now haha not gnna
happen tho

MrBnfl says:

i have no problem with sponsored vids ! but it would be nice if you did a
toby turner i the beginning ! and tell us if it sponsored!

Timothius82 says:

gaggia makes a great machine. my dad has the baby twin model which is a
semi-auto (lol) makes a perfect cup every time.

hampstershat123 says:

Yeah I posted that before watching the rest of the video, seems like a
great deal for everything it does.

faakid says:

And another thing. average Americans, which I believe him to be, can afford
really nice things every once in a while. It doesn’t mean they are rich.

EnfinityTech says:

I only drink black coffee too since i was 10, except for things like
frappucinos and cappucinos etc.

Jay Castiglione says:

*insert watch out we got a badass over here meme*

Kai Demler says:

I don’t know if that’s racist or you’re talking about coffee.

cutlerylover says:

lol I dont know that kind of sounds like a person that take it as a shot
literally its not bad whiskey your suppose to savor the flavor

faakid says:

It’s America. You CAN say whatever you want. It doesn’t mean you should…

Nff says:

because pre ground dosent have to worry about apearances of the beans. they
can use lower grade beans visually or size. so its cheaper to buy the
beans. thus price goes down. and this is if they are a ethical company. if
their not an ethical company. they will the cheapest beans they can get
away with. whole beans have to look good so they have to use un blemished
beans. thus a premium in price.

rvernie says:

That’s an extremely well thought out machine, I can see why you like it so
much. Awesome review by the way, really covered all the aspects of it.

Zak Hossack says:

It does everything

Nff says:

the “drop box” is called a Dregs box also jeff are you going to get into
home roasting? do you have a hot air popper? just a normal blower style
popper. you can roast your own beans. which lets you do small batches of
diferent beans or your own blends to find out what you enjoy in coffee. and
later on when you want to roast more at a time you can get a behmor or

smokebomes95 says:

Good video to watch while ‘doing’ homeworkXD

cutlerylover says:

yes the cleaning cycle just pushes the hot water through the lines its not
a big deal to use to warm your cup

theclockmace says:

long versions are always the best.

Big Smoke says:

Jeff, i still do not know wy u took ur front 4 teeth out….. could you
please tell me?

TheBlackShadow270 says:

thanks jeff! and im loving the zippo you sent me!

Wise Snake says:

Nearly everyone put the price at a 5/5! Damn! xD

NorWestern says:

He would call it an EDC coffee maker. Every Day Cup.

InsertGun says:


MrRfitz27 says:

Jeff you’re a go big or go home person arnt you lol

Liv says:

*Its like the MRE video all over again…

cutlerylover says:

yay shiny things, lol

Dave Zodiac says:

I really gotta get me one of dees…

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