Espresso Machine Pressure Release Valves

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Next in our series of mechanically-focused videos featuring Bill Crossland, he talks to us about pressure release valves — overpressure, steam pressure and …


Myxprso InAM says:

This question its for Bill!
Hello there! I NEED YOUR HELP!
I have a commercial espresso machine La Nuova Era Altea two groups, I’m
using it at home and bought it used from a restaurant supplies. Yesterday
while I was cleaning the machine, I’ve noticed a new symptom…The water pump
makes a very loud noise and the group pressure indicator it’s all over from
0- running over the boiler indicator almost 180 degrees, I don’t know how
much pressure that could be, and its fluctuating very fast! I tried to
adjust toe rotary pump pressure but no success..:(
Anything I should try suggestions? 

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

My pleasure 😀 – Kat

newstart1651 says:

He talks allot about measuring pressure in “Bars”. How does that translate
to American pounds? I’m loving theses videos, very History Channel Modern

CarnivorousPlantsNL says:

Again an interesting vid, thanks!

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Have you removed the brew screen and cleaned up there as well? While
backflushing will do some cleaning in this area, could be a good idea —
soak the screen and scrub the diffuser with a brush, etc. – Kat

newstart1651 says:

Found it Cat, It is useful to remember that 1 bar = 14.5 psi.

sangcouvreleciel says:

Thanks Bill & SCG — I really enjoy this series of lectures 😉

augsburg says:

Yes, I’ve removed the screen and diffuser a few times over the past few
months, but it is always clean as a whistle. Just checked it again and
still clean. I guess if your routine is to backflush every 40 shots or so,
it does not get much build up.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Yes, what he said is correct. I think you’re thinking steam boilers, not
brew boilers – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

You’re welcome! 🙂 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Awesome! Thank you for sharing — I didn’t know how BAR correlates and BAR
is how they always measure it with espresso machines, so good to know how
it translates 🙂 – Kat

David M says:

I have a Rocket r58 and I always have a slurry when I finish brewing, and
when I backflush, not much water comes out the exhaust and when I finish
and want to remove the PF, a ton of pressure is released at the PF. Is this
an indication that I have a Brew Pressure Release Valve problem? What can I
do about it? Thx.

Awake The Fate says:

FYI 1 BAR is 1 atmospheric pressure unit……

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Yay! Glad you’re digging them 🙂 – Kat

augsburg says:

After a week away from home, I noticed the pucks in my Rocket R58 (with E61
brewhead) are wetter than they had been before the machine was idled for
about 8 days. Now, a couple weeks later and following my regular cycle of
backflushing, the wet pucks are still evident. (I pull about 15 to 20
triple shots per week and backflush every other week – or after every 30 to
40 shots.) What would cause this wet puck?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Glad you enjoyed it! Although I do hope you won’t have to reference this
and that your machine doesn’t act up 🙂 – Kat

DubMasterFish says:

Good stuff! All this will be good to know when the maschine starts to act

MissouriMatt54 says:

Thank you for taking the time to explain how this equipment functions.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Could be, yes; It might need to be looked at by a tech. – Kat

Frans Goddijn says:

At 3:20 he says that the OPV on a commercial brew boiler is set to 10-12
bar. Is that correct? It sounds odd to me. About 1.3 bar give or take .2
bar seems more normal?

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