Espresso Machine demo (Philips Saeco POEMIA)

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Tim shows his mom and dad how to use their new wspresso machine ($179 at Sears Canada).


Daniel Ramos says:

your mamma must have liked….

Jaime Moore says:

The shots die after 30 seconds so i’d suggest steaming the milk first then
you can add the shots to the hot milk right away. 

Chanets says:

First steam the milk, then brew the coffee. And do not tamp the coffee,
just level it, it’s a pressurized portafilter.

SmartFetus says:

now everytime i try to make coffee the three lights are on and no coffee
pours? what does this mean? i just bought it and i need to know if i need
to return it back

houroftower says:

Question: 21 seconds from the point of flipping the switch? Or 21 seconds
from the point that liquid starts pouring into the shot glass?

Aristoc Joe says:

Hi Tim. I just picked up the poemia (black model) for $59. You video is
helpful to start. Thanks. also, I want to put your last line “Mom , your
coffee is ready” as a ring tone on my cell. :)

Leandro Torres says:

The coffe in the table kkk

Lanegra Santiaguera says:

jajajaja you are so funny in the end,good boy.I want to buy 1 of those for
my mama.gracias for the demonstration

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