DIY Dual Boiler Home Made Espresso machine

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Conversion of a Rancilio Silvia to a dual boiler machine. I have added a PLC to control the brew.


Johnny TheAppleSeed says:

*This is the ultimate Rancilio Silvia Mod Ever!!!*

Cant believe a man could slap on two boilers on a Silvia, and have a custom
casing too!!!

Juan Zerbini says:

I’m dreaming of doing something like this! Great job!! thanks for sharing

Richard Hinds says:

realy nice job offten on exprso machines the spiltray is tupid small

Carsten Wolf Andersen says:

Do You use the plc for other things than programming the brew time?

Sherman Wong says:

really cool hope to see that new machine soon

Snelselen says:

Nice work! I’m a bit curious about the costs though. How much did you spend
on the PID and PLCs?

tonsofsilver says:

Great job!

I have a plan to make a lever type expresso machine

Jacob Wind says:

I have just finished my next espresso machine. I will make a video soon.

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