Descale your Espresso Machine – Before it’s too late!

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This is why you should Descale your Espresso Machine before it’s too late!


190055joe says:

If you use a filter with a carbon filter with filtration down to 3 microns
very little gets inside the machine.

John Wolgamot says:

Better descale your espresso machine today :-)

190055joe says:

I have a better idea use filtered water you can pickup a water filter very
cheaply these days .

terrorislam666 says:

Descale once a month on HOME machines pulling 1-4 shots a day? OR Descale
on commercial machines monthly when pulling dozens of shots a day? I have a
Gaggia Classic, how often should I descale?

Pauline Facciano says:

My Gaggia Synchrony espresso maker says, decalcify. I decalcified 2 times,
and it still says, decalcify. Meanwhile, I just make espresso, no
cappuccino, so I don’t steam milk. Doesn’t the decalcification process
involve the steamer only? Why does my machine still say, decalcify?

Kurt Jueckstock says:

I have an old Nuova Simonelli Oscar. I am trying to restore it, but I
cannot figure out how to get the heating element out of the boiler without
destroying it. Do you have any suggestions?

puppycrack1 says:

Sorry, I fear you have build up in the brew head and it is clogged. I am
less familiar with the Seaco but many times the steam wand will still work
but water wont come out of the main brew area that your portafill attaches
to, you may have the opposite problem if you steam a lot. Some of the
espresso machines have a solenoid that goes bad that can cause the same
problem. Almost all of these situations are caused by lack of descaling the
machine. I found out the hard way my self.

The4dbabyscan says:

@fodera6 What you have to remember on this type of machine, the boiler is a
thermo block and not the old type copper boiler, i worked for saeco uk for
many years and i found that this type of boiler would needed to be descaled
at least once every two months, the thermo block has very small and thin
channels which the water gets pumped though.

mitchamus says:

it’s calcium/scale build up – not corrosion?

Ryboner1 says:

hey i just fill the water container up with pure viniger every 2 weeks, run
it through then do a couple of flushes with water and bobs yr uncle works
wonders !

EspressoCoffeeDrink says:

He is correct to Descale no matter what water you use! Durgol Swiss
Espresso machine Descaler is the best to use. It works better than citrus
products or vinegar a waist of time and does nothing!

underhill1100 says:

Very helpful.

nekbeth says:

just buy another machine (non plastic)

Gmork says:

its a super-auto anyways. its a POS.

Gweezian says:

I have a Rancilio Silvia and after 2 years of ZERO maintenance I bought the
Cafiza and blind filter to do the backflushing. I also asked for the
necessary powders or chemicals for descaling and they said literally — do
NO SUCH THING. Unscrewing the head and cleaning with a brush along with
backflushing is all that is required. I am wondering if that has anything
to do with machines or not. Anyway, after 2 years I was surprised at how
little work was actually needed on my R. Silvia. Sturdy!!

terrorislam666 says:

Thank you!

Radders123 says:

@Gweezian did you descale it at all? I’ve had my Silvia for 3 years and
haven’t descaled yet as the dealer said not to. I’m not sure, there are
plenty of videos of people descaling Silvias

Brad Maestas says:

@terrorislam666 Once a month sounds like a hardcore commercial routine.
Most commercial and semi-commercial domestic manufacturers recommend it
twice a year. Of course that all depends on the hardness of your water, how
you treat the water and how much throughput the machine sees but once every
6 months should be your starting point.

smorrow0816 says:

I have a Seaco. Just yesterday the steam stopped working. I tried to
decals, but it stopped shooting out water after a couple minutes. Now no
water or steam comes out. How should i go about fixing this..

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