Delonghi Nespresso Lattissima Plus Espresso Machine

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Buy it here: Enrico from Delonghi shows Morgan from Whole Latte Love the…


Blunder1248 says:

You have to hold down the clean button before and after each use and then
store the container in the fridge. We found it very easy to look after
because when the milk container is due a clean you just pull is apart and
dump all the parts in the dish washer. I’ve come from a proper espresso
machine and enjoy a 2oz but the nepresso default is 1.3oz but then the pods
are smaller than the amount of coffee you would use for 2oz. That’s my only
problem with nepresso.

tumaru says:

That’s nice but what I really wanted to see was (after that) the milk
system being cleaned. I know that can be very sticky and hard to clean in
others especially if you don’t clean it for several uses like people did
with my one but mine was the basic espresso and milk frothier arm.

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