DeLonghi GranDama 6700 Superautomatic Espresso Machine

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Whole Latte Love profiles the DeLonghi GranDama 6700 super-automatic espresso machine. Further building upon its adaptability, the 6700 boasts some pretty im…


krystian Mazurkiewicz says:

How would you make just a normal coffee with milk? Americano? 

ramflyer1899 says:

What’s the deal on the cup warmer? The machine is ready to brew in seconds
but the cups are far from being warm in time. Any suggestions…besides
using steam or hot water?

This review made me buy this machine! Thanks for the video!

brainexplorer says:

Thank you very much. A very informative video.

Trevin Rox says:

from where did you get this coffee machine?

wholelattelovetv says:

Yes, some people like to be able to froth and texture your milk
themselves. Take a look at the Gaggia Accademia. That one will allow you to
use an auto frothing one touch cappuccino system or use a steam wand. It
does a very nice job with both.

piotr lendzion says:

Film jest, super jest i pokazuje obsługi bardzo sposób pracy automaty do

hello says:

Wow guys thank you so much for this. You sold me on the product. It seems
like a lot of cleaning, but it’s nice you showed all the features. Wish you
showed more on the instant features though, as I wanted to see how nice the
coffees come out.

BettHouston says:

Very informative, thanks for the clarity. DeLonghi should include your
video with their product! Snark alert: I could almost imagine big nail
polish chips landing in the bean hopper…eek. Manicure time.

brightbluesmurf says:

Good review thanks

wholelattelovetv says:

We (wholelattelove) are retailer, so you can purchase it form us. Thanks.

RyannOnDrums says:

I like it, BUT, I want to texturise my own milk not the machine do it for
me :/

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