DeLonghi EC702 Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

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Whole Latte Love presents the DeLonghi EC702. Famed Italian manufacturer DeLonghi introduces the Esclusivo EC702, a semi-automatic machine designed with the …


MrDcseltzer says:

That espresso is not flowing correctly……..It shouldn’t flow that
slow….crema is terrible….

MrDcseltzer says:

Sloppy presentation….

Stephen Ruggieri says:

Hey Guys, My wife and I just bought this and we love it. It makes great
coffee/espresso. Also we noticed that if you are pulling an espresso shot
and you let it run so that it makes an americano, it doesn’t burn the
coffee like a traditional espresso machine. It makes a great tasting

HerrAl5ama says:

I have a question, can I use a 53 mm tamper with this machine? or, what’s
the size of the portafilter? Thanx, nice video n.n

wholelattelovetv says:

We are so glad we could help! Hope you are enjoying your machine 🙂

naruhinaking says:

@AegisKleais thats actually how it is supposed to be like, not a bunch of
drops, just a stream. this espresso was to finely ground

mahendra783 says:

Hey Guys I want to buy this for my parents in India. Does this Espresso
Machine work on 220V 50Hz power?

naruhinaking says:

Hey can you guys make another video on this machine showing how to steam
milk for a latte and make like a rosetta or something? thnx

James Gill says:

THanks for the tutorial. Very helpful!

wholelattelovetv says:

You may be grinding your coffee too fine or over tamping.

James Stewart says:

Correct if I’m mistaken but when pulling the espresso shout shouldn’t it be
coming out in a stready stream. Is this because the espresso was tamped too

HouseOfAqua says:

I have this machine and it has been great so far! They may have tampered
the grinds too much which could cause the drip, I haven’t had any issues
with that. I agree it would be more ideal to be able to tamper the espresso
myself, the location of the built in tamper is a little awkward but gets
the job done. I also agree it would be nice if the wand could rotate
outwards instead of up and down since it is a tight area.

karma308 says:

Hi guys, what kind of coffee bean grinder is in the video?

Mrbiofreeze says:

you two are great! very nice presentation!

luckybestwash says:

Thanks for the review. A suggestion: it would be great if you would rate
the actual shots pulled by the machine in terms of flavor, etc.

Paige Davis says:

You guys are the best im a former barista wanted this machine. Bought it
and it wasnt producing the crema little did I know the littler thing was
for the pods I went out and bought a cusine art burr grinder and all lol
now I feel stupid. Your the best I was gonna return it

wholelattelovetv says:

@jamesishere8 The Ec702 features a pressurized portafilter. In this video
the espresso coming out was slow because the tamp pressure was to much or
the grind of the coffee may have been to fine.

ChitoDog says:

Nice little machine. Though I’m not a fan of the built-in tamper. I’d much
rather use an actual tamper to do it myself. I’d also much rather prefer a
steam wand that swivels around more for better control. Also, they haven’t
replied to the question as to why the espresso comes out in drips instead
of an even flow.

wholelattelovetv says:

This machine uses a pressurized portafilter. Unlike commercial style
portafilters, where the grind needs to be exact, this machine is very
forgiving but we do recommend a fine grind.

Hazem Kojak says:

the single shot is working fine for me , but double shot filter is giving
little drops of coffee , why ? says:

Oohh Randy is so muscly…me likey!

Joan Hatcher Robinson says:

I am so happy you guys made this video. When I purchased the machine, it
appeared to be a good one for a beginner, but after reading the
instructions I was ready to send it back. Your video made it so easy. Thank
you for all this info.

MattGreenHealth&Fitness says:

does the machine need to have superfine grind coffee or does the
portafilter take decently grinded coffee?

Dewi Hughes says:

Great video thanks I’m really thinking about getting this machine based on
your review!

wholelattelovetv says:

Thank you for the suggestion!

Andea Seven says:

Is the machine completely stainless steel? Is it BPA free????

wholelattelovetv says:

@karma308 The Grinder shown in the video is the Capresso Infinity grinder
in black.

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