DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Maker How to make espresso coffee at home

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DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Maker by DeLonghi “Lavazza has the added benefit of allowing you to go for hours without blinking…”


Brittany Meyer says:

This video was a great help! I have been trying to get Italian style
espresso ever since I moved to the states – they just can’t do it like we
do in Europe. 

WorshipNation Tvision says:

Clearly knows nothing about espresso. Haha the tamp on the machine is crap.
Buy a better one. Tamp evenly with 20-30 pounds of pressure. The machine is
actually pretty good though.

stephenmartinez1 says:

Press it LIGHTLY..? Any real barista will tell you 30 pounds of pressure. 

yeovildancer says:

This machine is ok, but had it been heavier, and the stop was automatic
then it would be better, especially given the price it costs.

kam hagh says:

Help only when i put the coffe single or double cups filters in the hokder
it wont speed 90°i mean it spins but not all way and its hard to place cups
then it need so much pressure to make it spin more

muaythai193 says:

How can I improve my coffee? I use Delonghi magnifier s and the coffee
tastes bad! Sometimes bitter, sometimes watery, depending on how I change
the settings! Are there any hints how to make it tastier?

leemetson says:

Sorry if I offended, my anal point was pointed at the type of comments
where people always have opinions about how the drink should be made, at
the end of the day you make the drink to how you enjoy it, cheers cousin

GrenadineRain says:

Hi, I had a question. After you do one espresso shot and that’s done do you
have to wait another 20 minutes for new water to heat up so you can do
another shot? Or is all the water heated up after the initially 20 minutes
after the machine is started so that you can do multiple shots with the
proper hot water in a row? Thanks.

Lê Thanh Đỗ says:

Hi, I have the EC 190 CD with only the 2-cup filter holder. Would it affect
the espresso too much if I make only 1 shot espresso with enough coffee for
1 shot (1 spoonful)?

bigdy says:

can you be more stupid than the green led? yes he can!

Kelvin Krastel says:

@leemetson Wow! Thanks for that insightful comment! I can’t believe how
some people insert comments that have no useful information whatsoever but
show their ignorance and prove beyond a doubt that cousins do indeed have
offspring. Speaking of anal….

Varikkdan says:

@jblanch3 I’m sure you figured it out by now but for those who don’t if no
coffee then the reservoir needs to be readjusted. If the seal isn’t snug it
won’t pull through the machine.

Jeff Blanch says:

I just got this thing, it took almost an hour for me to get the setup down
(my 1st espresso machine) and I walked away without any espresso. I did
pretty much what was just detailed in the video and when I turned the dial
to the far right, nothing came out of the sprouts. (sighs) guess I’ll try

Luke Cripps says:

20 minutes is bad enough, but this machine is loud. reducing the volume
while the machine works was just you false advertising.

renix says:

@gyzari Only thing is that crema is really thin…

gyzari says:

@GreatPacNorthwest If you put too much pressure on the tamper, part of your
coffee will be dry as the power will not be enough to get thru the entire
circle. The steam will find the weakest point and will run to your cup from
that spot instead of going through the entire ground.

William Bishop says:

Well, you know, beauty means it must be good! I mean, Hitler’s paintings
were very pretty, so he MUST be a nice and pretty guy! Seriously, c’mon
espresso conaire’s/contours… dang it, why must thou have such a
complicated name!? Prodigy’s will work… kind of… conasuir! Connoisseur!
Wow, that’s complicated!

Nff says:

easy enough to depressurize the basket. but then you have to invest in a
decent grinder.

abdu ben says:

this machine is goooood man

flexor212000 says:

It takes 20 minutes to warm up? holy crap!

lucky singleton says:

i just bought one and i needed to make sure i had the right product.

Daniel Delgado says:

how many coffees can you make on a row with this machine?

jeffg2020 says:

@gyzari Thanks. Just one thing: when you say tamp depending on the grind,
what you do mean?

gyzari says:

Yes. I use pre-grounded espresso ground.

18switchfoot says:

@1337D4nG3r yes you fill it up with water before pre heating the espresso
maker. the tank holds 32oz of water . I have a similar delonghi espresso
maker. be sure to run hot water through the machine by preheating and then
pulling shots without adding the epresso powder to the filter. this is the
rid the machine of any chemicals from manufacturing. hope this helps.

AutoKeyblade says:

I believe the price of the machine will explain your questions.

jeffg2020 says:

Curious to know why you tamp so lightly. I was also told about 30 lbs
pressure. Also, how finely do you grind the beans? And one final question:
you extract for about 20 seconds, yes? Same time for the double shot?

M says:

Thank you so much for the reply! It’s my first espresso machine so I have
no idea what I’m doing. For a second I thought it was broken. So sorry to
ask another question but does the coffee need to be finely ground? Plz
reply whenever possible.

AutoKeyblade says:

yes, whatever size is ok as long as it is grounded

techstormster says:

There is no need to wait 20 min. at all. Just run with no grounds once
while up to temp then make your espresso immediately after it’s ready
again. Also you should use much more pressure with the tamper. Gotta grind
those beans! You can store the porta filter in the empty water container
when not in use and store all your stuff in a milk frother in the machine
as long as you keep the useless grill out of the tray.

gyzari says:

@renix Thanks for your input. Both shots were perfect. This is ~$65.00
coffee maker, which obviously does not go with “nice expensive…grinder”.

Kevski1957 says:

Interesting to note you have to hold onto the glass to stop it drifting
away from under the spouts. This is a “feature” (some might say failing) of
these and similar machines – they vibrate so much in use that you HAVE to
hold/adjust the glass under the spouts, until it’s full enough to keep
itself steady. You didn’t hear it vibrate when in use because the recording
volume is turned way down then – listen carefully, you’ll hear it happen.

Johno Petersen says:

no just one 20 min warm up

fdama says:

Wait 20 mins for a cup of coffee?…. Pathetic.

gyzari says:

I see similar comments below, so you are not the only one having this
issue. I start from the left corner and now I go almost to the right!! I do
pass the center. But, this is because mine is worn out already. In other
words you stop wherever you think you’ve got tight seal.

renix says:

@audibreeze don’t do it!

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