Cuisinart Espresso Maker Coffee Bar Collection (EM-100) How-To Video

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Learn more: Imagine a cup of your favorite espresso, cappuccino or latte — hot, rich, fresh and fla…


ximena polo says:

la persona que cremo la leche no tiene ni idea, no es sacarle burbujas sino
darle cremocidad a la leche, entonces esta maquina realmente sirve para
sacar un buen capuchino ??????

Jonathan Ortega says:

One things for sure… Shes no Barista.

KC Tung says:

So should the small knob be in the steam position all the time, even when
dripping coffee?

Emon Anthousis says:

I just set up my espresso maker and the first thing it did was empty all
the water in it on the counter top. It could have been my mistake but then
I tried it again, made sure everything was secured and in the right place,
but it immediately started leaking all the water again. The water isn’t
coming out of the spout at all. It’s dripping from the bottom of the
machine, which doesn’t make any sense. Please help.

Yeimy Pernia says:

Is it normal that it makes like a.banging.sound? sometimes while brewing….

Rosy Williamson says:

yes it does mine doesit to

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