Crew Review: Saeco Poemia

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Gail takes on Saeco’s newest small single boiler espresso machine, the Poemia. Watch as she goes through the features and functionality, then demonstrates bo…


akshay soni says:

Delonghi ec155 or saeco poemia considering the price is same in my country

James Breen says:

If my shots are coming out too fast 16-17 sec, it is probably the grind
size? Would the Cuisinart® Programmable Conical Burr Mill grind fine enough
for this machine? With the pressurized portafilter a moist puck is
expected? Do you have any tips for steaming almond milk? Fat Free Milk?

Justus Antony Jose says:

Philips Saeco Poemia or Morphy Richards Meno Espresso? Philips is slightly
expensive in my place. But love the cup warmer :D

scott foulser says:

Does this come with the portafilter?

Persason says:

How does this hold up against the DeLonghi EC155 and the Kenwood ES021
(sometimes calle Delonghi ES021?).

And not to bother you too much but is there any difference between the
Delonghi EC145 and EC155 other than looks?
Thanks :)

Joe m says:

What the best machine for someone just starting, but needs something to do
espresso, latte and cappuccino all under $200.00? Would the Delonghi EC702
Pump or the Poemia Manual Machine?

satyajh says:


I just bought this one (poemia) yesterday as my old delonghi died on me.
Ive never used a pressurized portafilter before, so a few questions

1.Once the green light for the brewing mode is on, do i let the shot be
drawn till the light goes off? ( shot will be for a cappucino)
2. I notice that the steamer wand doesnt seem to foam the milk as good as
my old delonghi. Any tips?

3. If i want a single shot do i use the smaller portafilter, or the big one
with less coffee powder?

4. Whats that rubber disc like thing they have provided, is it for use with


roy lee says:

this or the EC 310 ?

NikeMan4life says:

This is the machine I want. Probably the best bang for buck.

Kr Girl says:

thank you

Dariel Silveiro says:

+Seattle Coffee Gear There’s a video by the parts guru here and he is
showing how to brew with a pressurized portafilter and he shows that once
you hit brew and want to pull a shot he holds the handle to the right
(which locks the little pressure valve and prevents coffee from coming out)
for about 6 seconds or until the first drop is forced out and he lets go
which creates a sort of pre-infusion if you will. Have you guys tested this
theory at all?

Chanets says:

Some people complain about the shots not being hot enough. Is this true?
For me, the worst way of starting my day is with a “warm” coffee. I like it
really hot.

Hamthy727 says:

Would the tamp that is on the scoop work as well as a reg barber tamp?

SmartFetus says:

now everytime i try to make coffee the three lights are ON simultaneously
and no coffee pours? what does this mean? i just bought it and i need to
know if i need to return it back

zakaria chefi says:

Thanks for your lovely video , just question that machine can make heavy
espresso i mean same like oil level for fluidity sory about this question i
am realy crazy about espresso i cant go work without it just i use for
drink very short one , i wish if u can gide me for what i can buy help me
please :(

Brian T says:

Hi what porta-filter did you recommend in the video that is heavier than
the standard one?

mathieu traas says:

How many mm is the portafilter? I want to buy a matching tamper.

Yasser Abushmais says:

just bay one it does t work

funkyphantom100 says:

high crew.As usual entertaining and informative.I noticed you stated that
the Saeco machine was a “phillips”.In the UK where I live Gaggia is owned
by phillips and the machine you are showing is ,apart from the
styling,EXACTLY the same as the gran gaggia prestige.You said that the pod
basket could be used as a single shot basket but the instructions state
however that the larger basket should be filled with 1 scoop of coffee for
a single and two for a double,is this the case.I am also trying to slow my
extraction as a shot always takes around 10 to 15 seconds but even filling
the basket and heavy tamping(using Illy espesso) doesnt do much.The info
for the machine states that it has a “perfect crema” filter that needs no

Wouter van veldhuizen says:

Recently I bought this machine (in the Netherlands), and I’m starting to
learn how to use it properly thanks to video’s like yours, so thanks for
that. Question: I usually drink coffee alone but with the portafilter for
grinded coffee you can only make two espresso’s a time right? The filter
for ESE or the rubber thing can’t be used to turn the grind-filter into a
one-shot filter or can it? 

Steven Bird says:

Lovely little machine :-)

Evan H says:

Love your videos guys. Just wondering: Is the model you tested made in
china? (Are all the Poemias made in china?)

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

It’ll be up with our new site this week. Price (as of this posting, don’t
quote me on it 3 years from now) is $179 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

There’s not an attachment, and it will be very short. Some people have been
able to make it work. Of the two machines, this guy has the potential to
last longer than the DeLonghi models. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:


darkenedshrine86 says:

Hello! I would like to ask for your help. I purchased one of these 2 months
ago. I am quite satisfied with it, but now – for a week approx- something
went wrong. The water comes through too fast, resulting in a hollow-bodied
coffee. The manual is useless – I use the same coffee, and no part is
missing from the portafilter (IMHO). Could you please advise me? 🙁 Thank
you for your help in advance!

Daniel Ramos says:

The coffee “espresso” is a milling too fine for Saeco Poemia? What is with


Great vid.. 😉 When will you posting info on this machine in the
Seattlecoffeegear website…? What machine would u recommend the Via or

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Thank you, Zsolt! Glad we have been helpful for you all the way in Hungary
😀 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Delonghi machines – a design decision; they perform the same functionally.
Poemia and Aroma – also the same functionally, just different case
materials. They all have panarellos so none are great for latte art, sadly,
as they often produce milk that’s too ‘fluffy’ etc. The Poemia does a bit
better job, though. – Kat

ChuckyRussia says:

Which is better this or Krups XP 5280?

Daniel Choi says:

If you can get aroma for 50 dollars more, which one do you recommend?
Poemia or Aroma?

Motty Ruttner says:

how often change the water?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

I like the Poemia’s performance better, but the design/look of the kMix. –

Yew Yang Chong says:

I found the solution to this, i put in the ese pod adapter when i brew
using single basket, then the water wont leak will this affect anything?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

This guy has a bit better temp regulation than DeLonghi machines, but
otherwise, you’re going to have similar cups/brew/steam experiences. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Thank you!! 🙂 – Kat

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