Crew Review: Nuova Simonelli Aurelia 2 – T3 Commercial Espresso Machine

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Residing at the top of Nuova Simonelli’s Aurelia 2 line is the T3, which features separate boilers and temperature control at the brew head. We visited Nuova…


Xiia0Sn00pY says:

gosh ! the things i would do for a T3 3 group of my own

1timby says:

This would be a great Christmas gift for me to handle my cup a day


Burner0000 says:

By 200W I think he meant 200’F. 🙂 

Urbino237 says:

“High end third wave coffee shop.” – haven’t heard this term.

Just curious – what does it mean Kat?

mwcalder95 says:

Can you program the temp of the water coming from the hot water arm like on
a GS3?

panhead88 says:

Kat, I havent watched your videos in a while. What happened to the lovely
mature lady that used to star in your videos? Her latte art was better :P

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