Crew Review: La Marzocco GB/5 Commercial Espresso Machine

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We hit the road and headed down to La Marzocco’s showroom to take a look at more of their commercial-class espresso machines. Gail talks to us about the func…


Gas'n'Oil says:

For around 200 coffees a day, would you recommend the 2 or the 3 group? 

Wes Wagner says:

@klarinetta yep i think so

Lewys Brown says:

Oh hey Kat xD

SpiritedViper says:

I want one

aesonvirus says:

Kat sighting @ 2:08 🙂

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@adamscupoftea I know I know — when I was editing this I was like ah jeez
😉 – Kat

Adrian Jones says:

Thanks for your reply,it does fit a 16 oz cup underneath.

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

@aesonvirus Hurreeyyy. Did I see glasses ?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Like a tall to-go cup? I don’t think so, no. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@PiercedCub32 Sorry, I guess I am boring 😉 – Kat

Dawsonj77 says:

@SeattleCoffeeGear Nah, your personality more than makes up for it! *cyber
crush! lol*

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@abcborgess I did not see wings but I will not comment on its teleportation
abilities. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@SpiritedViper Pick one up! 😉 – Kat

Jzmis5 says:

How much coast ?

Eamonn Doyle says:

Kat’s reflection at 2:08

Dawsonj77 says:

Its usually a game to check all reflections in the machines for a glimpse
of you, Kat, you made it far too easy this time around ;o) I had always
pictured a red head with crazy hair, and crazier jewelry ;o)

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@PiercedCub32 hahaha – you just missed me in my wayward youth when my dye
jobs were much more rowdy! now they are pretty docile but still fun 🙂 – kat

Tonykins says:

A good grinder is SOO important! we have the La Marzocco swift grinder and
for whatever reason it refuses to work properly sometimes I feel like
pushing it off the counter so that my boss can just get another. I would
love this Machine so much more if I could get the shots to behave! Now I
have to see if I can find some instructions on how to program the water
volume to make work a little easier.

Riccardo1982 says:

you struggle with a 12 oz…

kiwibarista says:

I love your videos! So fab to see chicks geeking out on coffee 🙂

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

The Swift can definitely be ‘temperamental’ if you’re not careful around
grind adjustment and dosage. It will back up in the chamber, basically, and
then seriously misbehave 🙂 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@lewys258 Hey 😀 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@kiwibarista Thank you!! We do have a lot of fun 🙂 Glad you enjoy ’em – Kat

André Cavalcante says:

Can it fly?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Since prices change, we don’t post them here. Check it out on our website
for current retail – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Thank you! Glad you dig ’em 🙂 – Kat

Adrian Jones says:

Can you fit 16oz cups underneath the heads?

B0bby1984 says:

Nice persian carpet fellas:D 😉 I appreciate your vidoes They are great
heaps of thanks

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