Crew Review: DeLonghi Gran Dama 6620 Superautomatic Espresso Machine

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Reworked a bit to tone down the grinder’s sound and increase the auto-froth milk temp, the Gran Dama 6620 features many of the design elements we’ve come to …


Ehab Heikal says:

Can it do only frothed milk?´╗┐

Danemicos says:

Now… how does the crew review place it compared to the Saeco equivalent?
Speed, noise, output/build quality, perks, etc.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Everyone has different opinions on taste. I prefer the Breville DB shots
that I pull myself but if I’m running late to a meeting I use a
superautomatic. There is a time and a place for every machine! ~ sam

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

The Gran Dama fits squarely between the Saeco Xelsis and the Saeco
Exprelia. Check them out. With an increase in price, you get more bells and

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

You’ll need to look at commercial machines if you’re opening a
coffee-focused business. I wouldn’t recommend a superautomatic — they’re
very expensive when they’re commercial grade and require a TON of
maintenance. Check out our video on how much to invest in a commercial
espresso machine; that will give you guidelines on your budget. Let me know
what that is and I can give you recommendations. – Kat

Mark Black says:

170 degrees! Ouch. One lip blister comin’ right up. I was impressed with
the 159 degrees from the milk. That’s right on the money. Espresso shots
looked great. Nice caramelization. (spell check, lol) There sure a lot of
these high end one touch machines available. I can see that milk container
storing in the frig nicely for later use. Good idea. Great video as always.
: )

Austin Reed says:

hey i wanna start a coffee shop which coffee/espresso machine should i
invest in i want a all in one to sever a good amount of people in a day
please help !

Awake The Fate says:

BUT KAT DOESNT DRINK MILK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

She takes a little sample sip now and then but you are right in general she
drinks black coffee and espresso. I should know, I make her coffee :p ~sam

MrDrdevil123 says:

Thanks for your nice video, how do you compare espresso shots from this
machine to Breville dual boiler?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Thanks! Kat is going on a well deserved vacation ~ while the Kat’s away the
mice will play ­čÖé sam

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