Crew Review: Capresso Cafe Espresso Machine

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Looking for a reasonably functional machine for under $200? We dig the Capresso Cafe’s steaming functionality and the fact that it is convertible between pre…


Willy Stubbs says:

@1:03 you can see Kat almost

Sean McIntire says:

is the drip tray and cup warmer plastic??? also did you ditermin that
little metal peice inside the group handle was the piece that pressurized
the basket? Thanks. this seems like a perfect gift for xmas but the lack of
a metal drip/cup warmer tray is a little concerning. I know its below 200
but it seems like a metal cup warmer at the very least should be a must.
that warmer might warp over time?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@luizzzzzzzzzzzzzz In general, anything that is going to give you a lot of
consistent, dry steam and doesn’t have a panarello is what will give you
the best results, steaming-wise – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@iliyaroitman We’ll use whatever tools we like, thank you very much. It’s
not unfair since we use the same grinder for every machine so it’s the same
baseline in regard to their performance. Sorry you don’t dig it, but we’re
not changing. – Kat

miguelSOwineadvisor says:

Thanks for the video very helpfull! I’ve been looking around for a machine
and had my mind set on this one since I have no intention for something
that costs over $200. Since the video was posted on 2010 have you tested
any other machines in that price range that I should also be thinking about?

hawthorne69s says:

For anyone who has this machine; what size tamper does it take? I don’t use
that plastic POS.

Will Galvin says:

why would you want un pressurized ?

Luiz Felipe Ferreira says:

So, are the non-thermoblock machines better for getting microfoam?

Iliya Roitman says:

Thanks for the response Kat, I dig the Videos very much! the reason I’m
bitter like a bad espresso shot, Is that I’m frustrated from not knowing
how to pair a ‘lower end’ machines with an appropriate grinder. I’d really
like to know if a machine like this Capresso, under 200$ can produce a
decent shot, by your standards, using a not-so-much consistent grind (Like
the one I get out of my Capresso Infinity.)

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Thank you! Glad you’re diggin’ the videos 😀 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

It’s a more traditional shot of espresso — you have the potential to get
better espresso when you freshly grind and tamp, but it does take more
work. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@moneypenny02 Hmmmm…for this machine, I’d probably opt for the pre-ground
and try to store it/keep it as fresh as possible (in an airtight container,
etc.). You’ll get better overall results that way, and improved flavor
consistency — if you’re using a blade grinder, but any burr grinder should
suffice. If you get it as an espresso grind, it should get the job done;
illy’s is great (and you can pick that up in groceries). – Kat

moneypenny02 says:

Great review! It helped me make the decision to purchase this machine & I
am happy so far! As a novice espresso maker I could really use
recommendations for the beans/grind for this machine. I can’t justify
investing in expensive equip’t & I have a basic grinder, which I know isn’t
great. I could buy preground, and would love if u have any suggested
brands. It’s just me & I wouldn’t get through a bag very quickly, so any
insight re: tradeoffs btwn days-old preground or uneven fresh grind?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@iliyaroitman The one thing that these lower end machines have in common is
their pressurization functionality, which means you don’t actually need a
grinder (can buy preground) or can use a lower end grinder that is
inconsistent in particle size. The pressurization allows for a more even
extraction despite the grind; they are designed this way so you don’t have
to drop money on a grinder and will still get a serviceable shot. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@boostedwankel That is a smokin’ deal! 🙂 – Kat

boostedwankel says:

Even better some Bed Bath and Beyonds have this machine for 50% off! I used
it with the 20% off coupon and bought it for $60!!!!

Martin DeVore says:

You two are so effing awesome. If I ever come to Seattle, I’ll visit your
shop and buy something.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Definitely take a look at the Saeco Poemia. -Kaylie

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@SeanofZeus The drip tray is plastic; cup warmer is metal. Yes, the insert
is the pressurization 🙂 – Kat

Iliya Roitman says:

These videos are unfair. The quality of the grind exceeds what a person
with a 160$ budget would be able to afford. SeattleCoffeGear should use an
Infinity when evaluating a machine like this!

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