Crew Review: Breville Barista Express BES870XL

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Ready for the next round of Breville goodness? Watch Gail take us on a tour of the new version of their automatic espresso machine with integrated grinder. L…


Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Weston – I don’t believe so but, unfortunately, we don’t carry that product
so I can’t test it to be sure. -Kaylie

Tarek Salah says:

id like to make a good cappuccino with this, is that possible? will the
milk froth good enough and enough bubbles?

Sir Fedswith says:

I’v had mine 1 week today, and yesterday it stop drawing shots, just a few
drops, press it again only few drops, done the clean cycle tablet, done a
vinegar / water clean cycle, gone to a course grind, and on lowest coffee
grind amount setting with really soft tamp just to even it out, still not
making coffee. It will only work when i press the cup button for the 3rd
time 🙁 I loved this machine when i got it now it ain’t working…. anyone
else have this problem ??

Leila Mitchell says:

Nice review of the machine.

I just received mine in the mail, and I was wondering if yours also had the
black plastic piece in the bottom of the portafilter. Before you put the
baskets in…I was wondering if this plastic is supposed to be removed or

Also, if it is not supposed to… it BPA Free?

Thank you!

Arno Godding says:


very nice review thank you !:) Could you possible do a review on the Graef
ES85? It is very similair but cheaper.

And by the way I think you can Increase the steaming speed intervall on the

grtz ;)

Juan Carlos Malfavaun says:

Hey Gail, do you know what capacity does the breville barista express

Gary Richberger says:

How many burr grinders setting are there 

graham henton says:

Hi Gail and Kat, many Thanks indeed for your video on the Barista Express
870. Your video helped me to make my decision to but the uk version of this
machine by Sage and I must say I love it, it’s perfect in every way. Can’t
wait for a video on the Oracle. I loved watching this vid coz Gail is so
similar to my auntie Joyce in Canada, she looks, sounds and acts the exact
same and could really relate to Gail so well because of this. Many Thanks
again can’t wait for more videos. Please could we have a cleaning and de
scaling one for the Barista Express? 

Gary Richberger says:

Burr grinder jams up and I vacuum hose it out. Super fine grinds pressure
clock fails. Brand new couple of days. What should I do if the pump clock
fails goes up down with drop all suddenly. Help idea what grind setting
should I set at. 

Agent Lowe says:

Gail, Im sure you’ve figured it out, but just in case…if you want to top
off your portafilter you can press and hold the portafilter in grinder to
engage the manual mode

Eric Nantel - DiaLFonZo says:

Thanks for all the nice videos. I am looking for a new machine to remplace
my Breville Cafe Roma. And found all your video very interesting.

I don’t know yet which one i will go for.

– Is there a way to connect a Breville on water like commercial one ?

Thanks a milion,

p111nad says:

very informative review, well done.

DLuxPNW says:

You guys are AWESOME! Very helpful reviews :)

Gary Richberger says:

Pressure failed couple of times. What should I do if that happens?

patrickirvine says:

Thank you for all the videos – really useful. I’m contemplating moving to
this machine from my current Silvia. Do you need to preheat this
machine/run water through it as you do with the Silvia?

guts311 says:

Hey Gail and all, do you happen to know of any other portafilter from any
machine that can fit this group head perfectly? Really want a
naked/bottomless portafilter for the 870 but only custom cut Breville ones
have been known to work thus far. I know most portas are different and are
not interchangeable but thought I’d ask. Btw, although Breville claims 54mm
for their similar machines’ portafilters, I measured about 52.3876mm for
this one and have to buy about 53mm (or custom exact size) tampers to fit
it. Thanks!

Natalie Holst says:

Hi there — love your videos! Do you have a review of the Oracle? 

Phil Guitar says:

How does this compare to a Jura C5? Is it worth changing?

crisl06 says:

Hi seattle coffee gear!, between these two coffee machines which advise to
buy; saeco odea go or breville esxl-800. I would appreciate your opinion.
Thanks! :)

Mark Bolton says:

I suppose as a fully automatic appliance it’s the cream of the crop out
there…the Canadian price is huge though. I’ll stick with buying the
Rocket and a good grinder…same cost for both :)

Coffee Maker says:

Breville 800ES in my channel 

Weston Pinyan says:

Can you use a “Froth Enhancer” atachment as Breville calls it, for the

Huba Kelemen says:

you guys are SO much fun! Lovely vibe and energy on the videos. Keep up the
good work! Happy new year!

Mark Bolton says:

I was looking at the Oracle but now I don’t think I should since there
built in China…questionable manufacturing practices in my opinion.
Thoughts ?

Keith Rosmarin says:

Hi guys. Great reviews for the “real world”. I’ve been pondering on getting
a Simonelli Musica which you’ve reviewed before and is available in sunny
Cape Town. However, the Breville B Express looks like it has a few
interesting integrated components such as the grinder. I’d really
appreciate your thoughts on pros and cons between two very different
machines and especially whether the Musica’s coffee delivery and taste is
worth the extra money.

Christina Nguyen says:

Is the steam wand on this the same as the Breville The Infuser?

jeffs99a says:

How does this compare to the Cossland CC1?

Scott Hutchinson says:

So I’m comparing this “award winning” BES870XL to the Racilio Silvia Pro V3
paired with a Rocky Doser grinder. This would be my first home unit. And
being that I buy 1 latte per day and have above average expectations for
the quality of product, what would you recommend? Thanks.

hunter3333333 says:

Great video ladies.. I’m looking at buying one for my wife for Christmas.

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