Cookworks Signature Espresso Maker Machine in action

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Making a cappuccino with the Cookworks Espresso Machine. OK, so this was my first ever attempt to make a coffee using this machine and yes, I made a few fund…


landofel says:

much better taste of coffee withthis one compared to nespresso,senseo that
i also have.Cant make proper froath milk though.Ground Coffee is a lot
Cheaper compared to the pods as well.If you like a proper espresso rather
than instant coffee go for it 

chris walkden says:

a brilliant machine at a bargain. my only issue is my inability to turn
milk into what the pros seems to be able to do and turn milk into something
like emulsion paint. my milk just gets hot with a foam on top, heats the
milk to any temp you like from warm to scalding hot if so required. early
days and so i hope i learn to make the elusive micro foam.

alb673 says:

Thx for the video, but normally the milk goes into the coffee, not the
other way round 🙂

SkeeterUK says:

Any chance of a new review of this after u have had it for a year to
practice with. As its 32. on argos atm and duno if its worth it or to get
the phillips senso for 39 quid.

fdama says:

Hi, I was thinking about getting one of these from argos. How long does it
take to start up until you are ready to pour a shot? Do you get good
microfoam steaming the milk? and does the milk get hot enough? Thanks

chris walkden says:

i thought this when i first bought mine, but then realised that because it
is ground espresso coffee you only pour a small amount and then top up with
milk. you dont keep pumping out the water to fill a normal sized cup like
when you make instant coffee. let the water pump out for around 15 seconds
and you will have strong coffee. i then fill the rest with frothed milk to
make large cups of latte or cappuccino.

jazzyisme says:

you shouldnt let it run for longer that 20 seconds cos thn the coffee has
nothing left to give , if u want more coffee than that make a new shot

tunisiano1986 says:

i’ve been trying to get microfoam with this machine for over a week now and
no luck, i’ve tried taking the plastic thing off and trying dif techniques
but no luck, you reckon you could tell me what you’re using and how long
for, exact process, etc.. a video review would be really helpful if you can

chris walkden says:

just had a go at making milk and got my best ever result. all i did was
take of that black plastic sleeve thing on the steamer. worked perfect.
micro foam without any large bubble. will be binning the black plastic
thing now.

Kim McGurk says:

Does anyone have any issues with placing the filter part into the machine
and it requiring quite a bit of force? It inserts fine to line up, but to
get it to slide along to the lock position is very hard and in fact I
cannot exactly get it to lock position. Everything else appears to be fine
having used it for the first time yesterday.

chris walkden says:

when i first got mine i was worried to start with that i would break the
machine because it took a lot of force to lock the coffee holder into
position. now i have had mine over 2 months i have to say i don’t have the
issue now. i had forgot about how tough it was till i read this.

chris walkden says:

just bought this machine today, my first ever espresso machine. i have
tried making a few coffees so far and after a few seconds of very dark
water coming out of it, it then becomes virtually clear water . is this
normal ? i am using some old cheap coffee i have had in a jar for years to
test with. don’t imagine the age of the coffee would mean water turns clear
after a few seconds ?. going to buy some illy coffee tomorrow to try.

alb673 says:

lime scale perhaps? If not, and still within warranty have it checked up

Paul holliday says:

where do you get the pods from for this machine any ideas anyone ? this is
a good machine im chuffed to bits with mine

tunisiano1986 says:

hey have u had much chance getting the milk to that paint like consistency?

Michelle Connell says:

I have the very same machine, not a year old yet, but its got a problem
with the water pump… doesn’t seem to be filtering the water properly..
its now down to s VERY slow drip.. takes half an hour to get half a
cup..Have cleaned every possible crevice on this machine… has anyone else
had this problem??

dantonio1 says:

What a brilliant video, the guy has a style all his own. Just got this,
great value. Usually u need fine ground ie not cafetiere for these machines
to produce a crema. Most UK coffee is coarser so best to look for “espresso
or fine grind” on the packet.

chris walkden says:

thanks. i had a feeling it might be a power thing. i will take your advice
and swirl like i never swirled before lol. will update on how it works out.

chris walkden says:

a question to anyone who has one of these machines. do you ever have a
issue when the coffee is pumping out that it will start to splatter and
also come from the top of the coffee holder and not just the spouts ?. very
annoying. does not do it all the time and not sure how to solve it. ive
tried less and more coffee in the holder, tried different tamp pressures.
not sure what i am doing wrong..

richacker84 says:

You need to buy ESE 44mm pods. Try; nextdaycoffee co uk thecoffeepod co uk

tunisiano1986 says:

well i used ESE pods so wouldnt have had that problem + i dont think that
would have affected the steamer much, not to the point where it stopped
working! If it’s still under warranty and you’re happy with it go exchange
it for another, say it’s faulty… I returned mine, was going to opt for
the Lidl one but they didn’t have it in stock so opted for the de’longhi
ec220cd at £65, should hopefully be delivered today 🙂

SkeeterUK says:

I got one but im having massive difficulty with making thick textured milk
with the steam wand, when i use it the light goes off quick when steams on
full (shouldnt) and i get massive amount of bubbles in seconds. Took the
plastic bit off and that helped a bit but when the steam runs out i still
get bubbles 🙁 Still, made 2 nice cappacinos (i liked em) so far with
lavazza espresso ground coffee from asda.

tunisiano1986 says:

lidl sell some quite cheap, colombian, kenyan and brazilian variety

chris walkden says:

you should deff get one, especially at the low Argos price at the moment.
for the last couple of months i have been making high quality Latte and
cappuccinos daily. still not an expert at making thick milk, but its all
about practice and the milk. machine works great.

Leandro Andrade says:

I have the same issue, but i am using the same espresso coffee the guy
showed in the video, I dont know what is wrong….

tunisiano1986 says:

yes me, i’ve only had mine for about 10 days.. the steamer doesn’t seem
powerful enough to make microfoam either

SkeeterUK says:

only way ive gotten it somewhat thicker than normal milk is take the
plastic bit off and try it like that also use the knob for the steamer just
half the way seems to work better than full on.

Paul holliday says:

Thanks for that bud great help ! One question if I may you no the bit you
put your coffee in ive noticed theres little holes/perferations on the
underside but they dont thru to the inside is this normal or is it a defect
! Is yours like this ? Thanks paul H

dog2heads says:

i have same problem done same has u dripping coffee help

alb673 says:

My machine just started to loose pressure & steam a lot from the group
seal. Anyone experiencing the same? Only had it for less then a month 🙁

Samantha Alexander says:

I’m a barista and I just bought this machine to make perfect coffees at
home. I don’t think the steam wand is powerful enough to be able to create
paint-like milk (for latte’s and flat whites). To create that style milk,
you need to have the jug tilted and create a whirlpool effect but cookworks
simply doesn’t have the power to do that. My advice would be to bang and
swirl the crap out of it until it’s creamier.

bunnyman69 says:

Just brought one today. The coffee side of things are ok, just drunk first
cup and enjoyed it (after warming it up in microwave) Tried the steam
function and just hot water comes from tube,placed in milk and there where
a few bubbles and still freezing cold (well slightly warmer than the fridge
i got it from). Can anyone confirm that actual steam come out of the
nozzle. Also where as the guy waits a while for green light to appear mine
takes about 5 to 10 seconds

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