Compare: Saeco Superautomatic Espresso Machines

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The mother of all videos! Yes, this is a long one, but it covers all of Saeco’s currently available superautomatics … which is quite a list right now! Watc…


David Lopez says:

so regardless of price or features, which superautomatic machine does the
best/most consistent job of brewing the coffee? I currently own a Saeco
Incanto Deluxe. I think its great an all, but maybe the coffee it actually
produces could be better. Thoughts?

in this question i don’t care about steaming, or computerized controls,
just 200 degree water, 40 pounds of pressure packing the coffee and 9 bars
of pressure brewing the coffee and doing it in around 25 seconds…


The Incanto does a good job, but its kind of messy. The drip tray fills
with all kind of grinds and water. so it requires constant cleaning.

twennywonn says:

I dont even like coffee but these ladies make informative videos and I like
to learn.

Enrico Centanni says:

Other differences between Exprelia and Xelsis, besides user profiles and
Touch ID? The EVO version of both improves just the milk frother hotness
right? Thanks!

TheOccTher says:

Great review. I got nothing from the Philips/Saeco rep. call I just made.
Very informative! 

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Thank you!!! 😀 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Hahaha – gotta keep her on her toes! 😀 – Kat

Gurpreet Sandhu says:

I need you guys to make more videos I’ve watch them all for 2 yrs and
always await new videos- make like ummm one a day? 🙂

MrRedbalrog says:

@Kat – Can’t wait to see it! (somehow I can’t seem to reply)

David Pascale-Hague says:

great video! thank you so much I <3 Kat and Gail !!!

MrRedbalrog says:

I love these long videos!

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Their transition was completed late last fall, so the first machine to
feature both logos was the Exprelia. As far as the build and end product,
nothing has changed from our perspective. We know that one big change is
that they’ll be streamlining import from Saeco Italy so we’ll actually have
more recent models in the US than we have had before. Other than that, it’s
mostly be admin changes that we deal with as a business. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Yay! I have a one touch one that I’m editing that is suuuuuuuuper long so
… 😀 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

We have a feature comparison video coming up that goes over the 4 main
double boilers that we carry and the we’ll be doing separate head to head
videos to show performance, etc. after that. The coffee one is harder as
it’s so variable due to the coffee you’re using. You’ll need to make it
finger as the coffee ages, but how much so depends on the specific coffee
and the equipment you’re using. – Kat

brianmPHL says:

I love the videos and how often you post them.. I’ve learned so much from
them. Any chance of more reviews and experiments with more manual machines?
I’d love to see a head-to-head with the Rocket R58 and the comparable Izzo
and maybe a long review of grind size changes as coffee ages.. Thanks so
much for all the time and knowledge you put into this!

xandrios says:

Thanks or the comparison guys 🙂 Question: Has Saeco changed now that
Philips has gotten involved? I noticed some of the machines now have the
Philips logo printed on them, I assume those have been released after the
takeover. Has Philips changed anything in regards to (build?) quality of
the machines? Or perhaps the quality of the coffee…any noticeable changes?

Awake The Fate says:

Espresso Italiano!!

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