Compare: Saeco Superautomatic Espresso Machines – Redux!

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It’s true that Saeco has a slew of superautos on the market, so we decided to highlight just a few of our favorites in this overview video. Watch as Gail dis…


Shawn Koo says:

Great reviews! Other than more programmable buttons and better looking
machine on Exprelia, will it be worth to upgrade from a Intelia SS machine
in terms of coffee quality?

Nigel Schembri says:

I have a Nespresso machine at the moment but i’m interested in getting a
saeco intelia due to the fact that I drink around six espresso a day. My
problem is that I can’t buy any fresh coffee from where I live, my only
options are pre-packed lavazza or illy beans. Thus i’d like to know if you
think I could get the same quality espresso from the intelia using
pre-packed beans as that from my Nespresso machine? Thanks 🙂

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

We have done this with machines that have similar convenience factors
(superauto, entry level semi-auto, capsule machines) to show the
differences in flavor with them, but never incorporated the prosumer
machines into the mix because you get the best shot that *you* can make
from these guys. You will get best shot, if you put the work into it … so
I don’t know really what this might show you. Can you give me more insight
into what you’re looking for? – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Yes, definitely. I think that the quality of the two is very similar as far
as richness, flavor, taste, etc. – Kat

das9520 says:

Exprelia very similar to the Gaggia Accademia. Looks

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Yeah – Gaggia is partly owned by Philips/Saeco internationally so they do a
lot of their manufacturing, then just re-brand it for Gaggia. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:


Cristian Feldman says:

Great info, thanks Kat! It would be very nice to see an objective
comparison of shot quality between economic semi-autos, super-autos and pro
espresso machines. Because for some of us features are not the most
important thing, but shot quality is (temperature of water, pressure,
(un)pressurized pf, size of boiler).

Juicetin - Chill PC Content says:

First! 😉

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