Compare: Rancilio Silvia vs. Breville Infuser

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After many requests, we put these two side by side to compare and contrast their features, functionality and performance. Learn more about the Rancilio Silvi…


Mark Bartlett says:

That rosette at 8:00 is exactly where I’m at with Silvia. I started
practicing nearly 2 years ago, then gave up with it. I should start
practicing again.

Yaser Ahmed says:

Which is better by virtue of experience ؟

Often puzzled

rimmalek says:

fantastic job well done , also have a Q ? can i use any of these for
coffee shop , or will they do 30 cup a day ?

Anders Pedersen says:

I just bought a 5year old silvia + rocky grinder. Would rather own a piece
of used equipment from a manufacturer who makes commercial appliance & love
good coffee, than a piece of plastic with blue LED’s on the buttons… that
stuff will break just on the wrong side of warranty :)

Kary Menuau says:

guys I really need your help here in deciding between these two machines,
so tell me, which one would you (Gail or Kat) get if it were you?? and
you drink espressos and cappucinos. HELP

villainmack says:

On another video(BES870 review) I heard that thermoblock is not so good
about temperature and they change it to thermocoil starting from BES870. So
I suppose BES860 has thermoblock also. Is it good or bad? you people
confused me now

mrjazzvids says:

Honestly this is one of your most useful videos (and I love them all!) —
really interesting comparison between the two… build quality and history
vs. more bells + PID. My personal rig is a Pavoni Europiccola and I
originally used a Rocky but became pretty unimpressed with it when it came
to more fine adjustments and consistency, so I upgraded to a Casadio Enea
which is amaaazing (would love to see you gals make a vid on that one if
you start carrying them) — I ended up giving the Rocky to my dad to use
with his cheap DeLonghi machine (made a huge difference… we all know how
important the grinder is), but now I’m interested in buying him a better
machine that won’t be overwhelming or intimidating but still make a great
shot, and I’m really interested in either the Silvia or the Infuser.
Actually leaning toward the Infuser as I’ve had great experiences with
their Dual Boiler and and think the PID is pretty essential (after spending
so much time trying to master the manual Europiccola w/ no PID). Well
that’s all for now… :)

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

You need to calibrate it against your coffee, and dial it in, time-wise,
accordingly. If yours is coming out too quickly, sounds like you might need
to grind finer – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Yeah, it’s super quick on the Infuser; if you let it get to it’s ready
state and then pull some water through the portafilter, then let it get
ready again, you’re all set. Basically 5 – 10 minutes max. – Kat

vdub4utube says:

I just got one Breville Infuser from SCG. It is a great machine. My SCG
experience was/is excellent. I’ll def shop from you Gail in the future. 🙂
The machine is easy to use even for a beginner. Shots come out consistent
every day. I’m very happy with my purchase. 🙂

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Yup – we cover this in the crew review 🙂 Glad to hear yours is working so
well for you! Love it, too 😀 – Kat

Mark Bartlett says:

You wait, you know breville are going to capitalise on this idea now……
keep yer eyes peeled for breville ads….. don’t nod off…… nod on to
the caffeine beat of your breville…… bom bom bom.

Albert Plawinski says:

Can we see the infuser vs. double boiler. I want to see how they perform in
terms of shot quality.

Brad Ditz says:

I love the Xena shout at 7:53- epic! Love the videos, ladies! Can’t wait to
make a purchase some day!

David Repeha says:


viicckky says:

I’ve been waiting for this video 🙂 I’m looking to replace my Francis
Francis X7 and was having a hard time deciding between the Silvia and the
Infuser .. but I’m leading towards the Silvia

AngeloR674 says:

Actually the breville uses a 54mm portafilter… Gail

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Yeah, totally to each their own; about three years ago, they had a new CEO
come on who is a huge coffee geek himself and he challenged the company to
reengineer all of their espresso machines and coffee equipment as a result.
That’s definitely the choice you make between these two machines, as well
as a budgetary decision. – Kat

The Rise of the Southern Biscuit says:

Thanks for reviewing it really helped me in making my decision.
What really sold me on this in the first place is the hot water dispenser.
Most machines in the lower price range don’t have them. I drink it works for me. I’ll keep watching your adventures in
coffee..they’re educational and fun.

Chase Daigle says:

Great review

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Depends on the coffee – it can make some difference in some beans. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

This is a great choice; you’ll need to spend a couple hundred on a grinder,
too, though so keep that in mind re: budget. The Infuser would let you get
away without one, but the Silvia requires it. – Kat

venwin25 says:

Do you have any input for Gaggia; specifically the classic.

Matt Peterson says:

I’m intrigued by this little guy (the Infuser)…would it be an appreciable
upgrade over my current machine (a Delonghi EC702)?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

They are the Oscar cups by La Cafetiere … sadly, they discontinued them,
but you still might be able to find them around 🙂 – Kat

Glitch says:

Assuming the Infuser and Silvia are the same price, which would you
recommend for a novice that’s willing to learn? The main drinks I’d like to
make are pure espresso and cappuccinos, made with beans ground on a Smart
Grinder. Also, which machine have you found to be most reliable?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Thank you! Glad you’re enjoying them. – Kat

brandishwar says:

I’ve been looking more into the Infuser as my upgrade choice over the
Silvia because of price. The Silvia also uses less power because of the
boiler vs. the thermocoil, 1100W for the Silvia vs. 1600W for the Infuser.
But the Silvia also has a recommended 30-45 min warmup from what I’ve read,
where you just let the machine sit, but there are ways to get around that,
but shot quality could still suffer. The Infuser’s manual doesn’t even
mention a warm-up, likely because of the thermocoil.

bruno galati says:

i have silvia v3 i would not touch breville what do they no about esprsso
bars they make bleanders and other stuffe rancilio bin around since 1927

bruno galati says:

you dont need pre infuser it dose nothing make it tast bettor

Matthew Fura says:


Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Yay!!! Awesome to hear 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experiences – Kat

barryspital says:

You think it’s better than the Breville double boiler? Thanks !!!

jarno23cm says:

I love that cappucino glass! What is it?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

The Infuser? Very different machines, so I’d say yes or no, depending on
your purposes 🙂 – Kat

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