Compare: DeLonghi Single Boiler Espresso Machines

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It’s true that you get what you pay for in the world of home espresso gear, but if you don’t want to drop a ton of coin and are still looking to make some so…


Gwen Coonen says:

Mine DeLonghi is about 7years old, I got it from a friend, who used it alot
and I use it daily aswell 🙂
It’s similar to the second one, though alot larger and a steamer looking
alot like the bigger models.
It’s a decent buy I guess for the money and when you take good care of it,
it’s lifetime is decent aswell .

Chris Brenchley says:

Thanks for this channel! I got an eco310 for Christmas (because it came in
light blue and matches the kettle) and for a complete novice it has been
I looked at your steaming tips and hadn’t even heard of a panarello before
today (!) but wondered if you have any tips for using one. Will it make a
difference to the milk texture if I vary the amount of steam coming
through, or does it just vary the heating time and noise? 

Rafael Grigorian says:

What will you recommend? ECO310 or Kenwood kMix es021? I like the look of
kenwood, but ECO310 seems to be better based on the reviews.

psyjpg says:

Gail: “These are the DeLonghi Soldiers!” lol

Jonathan Su says:

great clip to sum it up. was wondering if its true the kmix has a poor
quality assurance? seen a lot of reviews responding how it breaks down
within a year.

Maggie says:

I just ordered the Delonghi Eco310 and I hope that I will be satisfied with
the coffee! I have to admit that you helped me very much, with the
tutorials, the reviews and this comparing!! Thank you sooo much!! :):):)

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

They are all small boilers – Kat

Brian OLoughlin says:

Great review. Answered many questions I spent hours poring over
specification sheets trying to answer.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

I don’t think it’s any different than their other small single boiler
espresso machines … I believe they have the same manufacturing story for
all of their non-superauto espresso machines, so they all would have
similar reliability / QA practices. I would purchase any of these with the
expectation of a couple of years and then, if you get more, good on you 🙂
– Kat

Colwray1 says:

You say parts are not available ? Parts for most if these are easily
available Bev

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

That’s kind of their story in general. – Kat

arkasza2007 says:

Do it can steam milk for latte art???

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

You are correct! It’s really a design decision, IMHO – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

We’re going to do some testing because I haven’t done a lot of side by
side, just used them all at different times and didn’t notice any real
benefit other than different / more expensive case materials as you went up
in price. But we are going to experiment with them to see if there are any
practical differences in their performance.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Glad we were of help! 🙂 – Kat

Nff says:

im sure you have a lot of those portafilters laying around i’d like to hear
your thoughts on the depressurzeing mod. i know you wont do it on video due
to legal stuff. but say a comment or maybe in the discription on your side
by side video?

Gig103 says:

“You’ll never use the single anyway” … SO TRUE, Gail!

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Cool!!! – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

They all have panarellos, so it’s kind of difficult to get the ‘wet paint’
consistency you need for latte art. But some have been known to be
successful! 🙂 – Kat

yukkevchuhau says:

The EC155 is the same overall with the Bar14 (EC140). The only difference
is the front panel, some shape difference, drip tray, lid/cover and the
tamper/froth wand are in switched positions. Mostly aesthetics. I wonder
why Delonghi doesn’t offer both like elsewhere outside the US.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Small boilers, yes – Kat

arkasza2007 says:

Also gonna buy it 😛

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Yes – thank you for sharing your experiences with this! 🙂 – Kat

Ray Leonard Judijanto says:

What do you think about the quality of the espresso between those machines
kat? is it still “you get what you pay for” or maybe there’s not so much
different espresso quality between those small machine? 😀 i’m just curious
is it the higher price only for the better model(with the same espresso
quality)? actually i have the ec 155 and in my country, Indonesia, it’s
sold little bit expensive, around 1.9 million Rupias or around 200$ in US
Dollar 🙁 thanks a lot for this great comparison video 🙂

greyt21 says:

Kat, are you certain these machines are all single boilers? I would imagine
the lower end ones heat on thermoblocks?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

It’s really a design / look decision. In all of our side by side testing,
they perform the same so the best choice for you is which one you think
looks the best, etc. 🙂 – Kat

spark6023 says:

Okay, Thanks! 🙂

MrAlligam says:

I considered DeLonghi when I was shopping for my current espresso machine.
I wasn’t impressed with the build quality on the cheaper ones (stocked at a
local retailer) and couldn’t find enough info on the more expensive ones to
convince me to buy — so I bought a Via Venezia. As I approach the first
anniversary of that purchase, I am thankful to have found the SCG channel
and web store to help me make better decisions in the future. (Smart
Grinder etc.)

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

No — it’s really a design decision; they perform very similarly. – Kat

Nff says:

i own the ec330 looks like a cross of the 702 and 310bk and as you know i
made my portafilter un pressurized by cutting off the little spring loaded
plunger and now it pulls exponentially better shots. (still cowpie’s due to
no 3 way valve) the pumps arnt strong enough to push a proper espresso
grind through the pressurized filter so you have to take it really coarse.
so not to clog it up.

Sewcoolwash says:

the k-miX one is my favorate 🙂

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

We only sell one Krups machine – Kat

r3s3tme says:

Can u do the same for krups?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Cool! I was just answering your questions that’s all 🙂 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:


Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Cool! 😀 – Kat

Qbercut says:

ECO 310 BK has whole metal parts… Black one is covered 5th levels of
enamel like all series and colours of Icona type.

greyt21 says:

All boilers, no thermoblocs among them?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

We stock a few DeLonghi parts but not a full assortment like our
comprehensive selection of Saeco, Rocket Espresso and Rancilio parts. ~ sam

arkasza2007 says:

Because this delonghi eco310 would satisfy me ;P

spark6023 says:

Between the EC155 and the EC270, which one would you think is a better buy?
Is there any performance difference?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

It is rather cute! 🙂 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Cool! That’s an awesome setup 😀 – Kat

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