Coffee MAchine Illy Y1.1 Touch Iperespresso

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Y1.1 TOUCH Sensitive TECHNOLOGY. Y1.1 Touch is the natural evolution of the Y1 machine. Both aim to provide a sensorial experience where minimalist design an…


motoko abe says:


Ayam S says:

Coffee MAchine Illy Y1.1 Touch Iperespresso

Cyro-Nydd says:

Trippy design, very clean, like something Syd Mead would come up with. And
I was totally on board till I saw that capsules. I hope these are

illy says:

Hi Ozarkmedia, glad to hear you like the music. it has been written by
Francesco Contadini, and the title is “FRANCIS”.

Ked Woodly says:

Hi! my name is Ked and i love coffee so much i wrote and sing a song about
it.Please check it out when you get time.To watch just type in coffee lova
while your already on youtube.Then look for video that says coffee lova by
Ked Woodly

ozarkmedia says:

What is the name of the song used in this video? the artist? Great chill

illy says:

Hi Shinhaquro, because of the high level of its technology, the capsule is
not refillable. You can discover more on

vito gentile says:

What a cool expresso machine #expresso #coffee

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