Changing a Group Gasket on a Rancilio Espresso Machine

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Step by step instruction on removing &replacing a group gasket on most commercial Rancilio espresso machines including the Rancilio Silvia home machine.


Espressotec says:

It’s great to see you enjoyed it!

Espressotec says:

Thanks! That’s what we’re here for.

tenore8 says:

Thank you very much. Well done.

White Bird Films says:

Perfect information. Obviously made by a professional.

Darling Schatz says:

What do you recommend if the gasket is old and dry rotted?? We’re trying to
replace ours now and it’s so bad all we can do is chip away at it…

Luc Poirier says:

Hi After 6 years with the same group gasket, it seems an impossible task
before using 3 drywall screws that I inserted without any pre drilling with
a short screwdriver. It took me only 5 minutes to get it out without
tearing it apart. Thanks again for that great tip. I had to spend an extra
10 minutes cleaning up the seating slot where some of the seal had fused
with it. The insertion with a new one was so easy.

slippyg says:

Just done it as per your instructions and the portafilter wont fit now
suggesting the gasket isn’t seated properly. Ive tried the technique of
moving one of the portafilter clips around the rim but still to no avail.

Espressotec says:

If it’s still intact then another trick is to use two drywall screws and
tighten them into the group gasket. Get screws long enough that after
tightening them into the group gasket the screw head sticks out past the
grouphead. Now use a pliers to pull the gasket out with the screws. If this
doesn’t work, you would have to just keep chipping away. Best of luck!

Espressotec says:

Also, when your doing the final fit with the portafilter handle, first
start using no basket. Once the handle fits into the grouphead with no
basket then you want to insert the basket into the handle and then tighten
the portafilter handle. Best of luck!

Espressotec says:

Glad to hear it came out *nearly* effortlessly! It’s great that you ensured
the grouphead was cleaned out prior to installing the the new gasket.

Espressotec says:

Before inserting the new gasket ensure that all debris is removed from the
grouphead. Sometimes bits of the old gasket will stick to the grouphead.
Then, before inserting the new gasket wet it with water. Mock up the gasket
and slowly work the gasket in using a 5mm hex key. You want to start at one
point and push in the gasket a little bit (not all the way) and continue
pushing the rest of the gasket working in a circular motion. Continue this
till the gasket is completely in the grouphead.

slippyg says:

Bloody very nice vid mate 🙂 Thanks a million.

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