Capresso EC100 Semi-automatic Espresso Machine

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Join Zack and Randy as they walk you through the Capresso EC100 semi-automatic espresso machine. Affordable and easy to use, the Capresso EC100 Pump Espresso…


Josh Evans says:

Stop saying it….

zakaria chefi says:

i like to buy that coffe machine but i have few question
i drink b4 esspresso and i grow with it but the coffee i drink in My
country (algeria ) realy strong espresso like Oil or Honey i mean very
heavy there we use Conti now i am in malaysia i try all espresso i dont
find yet like What i like espresso heavy like oil feel sad honestly to lose
My best friend in morning you cad advise me if i can find machine make very
very heavy espresso or how to make it you will realy save me 

Christopher Randolph says:

Oh my god. Did he really say “expresso”? Really? I’ve lost respect.

wholelattelovetv says:

This is a pressurized portafilter on the Jura EC100 which somewhat limits
your control over the results you end up with in your cup. It is designed
this way for ease of use but to get better consistency with your shots, try
monitoring your dosage and see what amounts work best for your particular
needs. This dosage amount may change from one coffee roast to another. So
if you are changing the types of coffees you are using regularly you may
get different results. Hope this helps!

Pedro Oliveira says:

Hello guys, I loved this machine and it´s working really well… I just
have one question, I wondering how could I control how strong is the
coffee, since sometimes it come out very strong or very light … thank you
for the video !

shokenryu says:

Got this for my girl on Valentine’s day and we love it. Thanks for the tips
guys. “Pop, drop , and lock it” lol


No crema

Greensky02 says:

Why use pods when you can grind your own beans? Not a lot of work, cheaper
than pods, and superior taste!

wholelattelovetv says:

We used an ESE pod. ESE pods have a standard size of 44mm. We have not had
that problem, this machine works great with the ESE pods.

arthur alvarez says:

Got it 6 month (500 cups) ago, I brew Bustelo, Pilon, Avila to a 3oz
ceramic cup. I steam 3 oz evaporated milk (or whole milk) with sugar in a 6
oz glass (same shown on the video) until hot. Add the coffee on top and

glockmeister1213 says:

can you guys tell me what size of pod you used, because I watched a video
from seatle coffee gear and when they used the pod it was a little too big
and there wasn’t a good lock on it and it had a minor explosion. Also
please tell me if you’ve had the same problem and if you can let me know
how to do it correctly. Thank you

herkledeeks says:

Actually there is crema but they were using crappy coffee.

TheFunnywhiteguyz says:

got mine last week and like the machine, but it doesn’t make 1/4 of the
frothed milk that you do in the video.

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