Cafe Roma Espresso Machine

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Cafe Roma Espresso Machine.


lukewarm711 says:

It’s an okay machine if you don’t use it like she did..

nick540 says:

My brother had this machine and it works well. The only major problem I see
is the thermal block which can leak. A thermal coil is much better, which
many of the upper level Breville machines use now.

bjegger says:

I’ve had this machine for 18months. works well. Here’s a couple of things
I’ve picked up: You need fresh beans (2-5 days old). heaps of options
online, if not locally. Even with a $10 blade grinder fresh ground beans
will taste way better! Also, if you grab the cheapest beans from the
supermarket and play with the grind/tamp levels until you get 30-45mL
(1-1.5onces) in 25secs (it’ll seem slow). As for steaming milk, I get
reasonable micro-foam, but so far no latte art 🙁

internetmoniker says:

im getting it soon……hope its any good.

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