Brew Fresh Lattes and Espressos Using the Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine | Williams-Sonoma

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Kick start your day with a fresh cup of espresso made using the Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine. In this video, Sean, Coffee Expert at Williams-Sonoma …


moshshs mohamdza says:

u look lie cock

Roy Chan says:

No latte art????

Amir Montazer says:

Just want to mention a shot of espresso should be 30 ml, I guess you are
extracting about 10-20 ml.

Elliot Black says:

I dont understand the point of the the pressure gauge on this, it doesn’t
show the pressure in the steam chamber?? or does it? am I tripping balls?

john manningham says:

Oh help us if this is how we teach our children to make coffee we are all
doomed when we get to old and decrepit to make it ourselves. Yeah way to
milky and no latte art? If I can do latte art on an $80 Cuisinart then
anyone can do it. Oh and I bet that steam wand was fun to clean lol.

John LeGresley says:

The texture of your milk is identical to the coffee, so it just turns
lighter. Show a heart on the top to show the machine can at lest do that.

Alvaro Gatica says:

If you guys see, the espresso shot wasnt that creamii, i`d like to make the
shot mayself,

Richard Trinidad says:

He’s really cute 🙂 says:

That latte looked like a hot mess.

shinleung says:

I was expecting some latte art.

RichardCranium365 says:

If milk is textured correctly there are NO bubbles. Banging a steaming
pitcher on the counter is a true sign of a newbie at play. Yet people
wonder why there is so much misconception and misinformation out there in
the coffee world. Get a job you’re decent at because your future sure as
hell isn’t behind a coffeebar!

Edward Ng says:

Good luck with ur unflush steam wand.

xxx says:

is this avaliable in the canadian Williams-Sonoma store? thanks

Robert Watson says:

“Coffee Expert” um…. ok? That latte looks way to milky for me. Maybe he
became a coffee expert at Starbucks. That would explain that diluted latte.

Rasmus Sanggaard says:

Yikes. Why not get a guy who knows what it takes to make a good espresso
showing it?! Its like trying to sell a car, and then showing it drive with
a woman behind the wheel. 😉

Warrenff5 says:

i guess you like a little espresso in your steamed milk!

RichardCranium365 says:

One word comes to mind, TWINK! Coffee expert my ass. No wonder
Williams-Sonoma carries shit for equipment. The only decent line they have
ever had is Elektra. Gotta love it when he says the pre-infusion is soaking
the beans. That will be one fast shot if the dumbass put beans in the
basket. It’s GROUND coffee, not beans. Breville should know better than to
make their 1st decent machine only to include dual wall filters. Like
having a rev limiter on a Lambo!

newyorkangel1 says:

This guy has learnt the key features but is clueless when it comes to
calibrate the machine to make a killer espresso. His latte is a mess. He
must be a tea drinker

GW562 says:

OMG, this guy is so hot. I wish he would make me a coffee. Wow who ever
dates him is very lucky. I love how smart and sexy he is.

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