Brew a shot of espresso on Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine from Whole Latte Love

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One of our best sellers, the Rancilio Silvia is a machine with a reputation that speaks for itself. With over five years of solid performance, the Silvia is …


Marek J says:

hello, do I have to always use 14g of coffee for one shot in order to get
so nice, rich, foamy crema? I am using 8g and my crema is much thinner.

wholelattelovetv says:

Are you using a single-shot basket with the 8g of coffee?

shay nahmani says:

hi, i wanna buy the espro tamper. i have rancilio silvia machine. do i need
to buy the convex or lat tamper?

wholelattelovetv says:

Most of us here like to use the flat tamper as pressurized water will find
the least path of resistance. Having a level tamp helps.

Marek J says:

yes. but maybe the problem is in the coffee quality…

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