Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker

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Stainless-steel espresso machine with 15-bar Thermoblock pump Dual-wall filter system for excellent crema; froth enhancer; cup-warming plate Large, easy-fill…


Diane Snobelen says:

@canascot02 only fill the milk jug like, 1/3 of the way. you’ll be
surprised at how little it takes to fill it once steamed.

canascot02 says:

Tomorrow I am going to the store…. to return the second one I’ve
purchased because it’s a piece of shit machine. It won’t work, simple as
that. No espresso, not even water comes out if I run it without cofffee
like it says to do in the manual. Not even the steam works. The first one
started off this way and the second one lasted 2 days. Don’t buy it! It’s
so dissapointing to have to empty the water clean it all, dump the coffee,
package it up, and take it back…. for the second fucking time.

canascot02 says:

@HaHaStuPadasso … well you’re wrong, it’s made in China by and Australian

speshalkinca says:

@nullquible90 thanks for the web site tip!

JIVFrrlKSxp9E says:

I like your accent. That’s the only reason I watched this to the end.

canascot02 says:

@HockeyDiane then I get too much foam and not enough milk, I think the
solution is a bigger machine lol.

FxScalper says:

I would like to open her box.

nullquible90 says:

I’ve had it with Starbucks, I’m home only thanks to
coffeeloverstipsandtricks (.) com

canascot02 says:

@canascot02 Ok 3rd one works like a charm. I don’t know if maybe I just
have bad luck. Only thing I’ll say is the steam wand overflows milk from he
jug b4 it’s at the right temp. ps. make sure to push the water reservoir
down when you put it in.

steve kelly says:

They just moved the factory to compton, california

UnitedStatesPatriotz says:

Nice but how much is it? =) Charles.

metaspherz says:

Not loud at all. I bought this machine then traded up to the 800ESXL
because I liked it so much. The 800 is slightly larger, die-cast with
separate water & steam, tool compartment, & has a chrome plated brass
portafilter. I tried 5 other units before I bought this Breville, by far
IMO it produced the sweetest espresso. I compared the Krups xp4050
side-by-side using the the same coffee beans, grind, dose, and tamping
pressure. The Krups tasted sour but the Breville was sweet & had more crema.

internetmoniker says:

im worried about the it really bad?

Mike Hamilton says:

news flash to HaHa… Melbourne Australia is where you will find the finest
coffee outside of Rome. In fact Starbucks had to leave town, we were so
disgusted with it; we live for coffee, Melbourne is famous for its coffee
culture. I have an Australian made Sunbeam espresso machine…. excellent.

Juan Gudino says:


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