Breville Barista Express Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

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A unique espresso machine, the Breville BES870XL Barista Express has an integrated conical burr grinder with dosing controls so your coffee is ground fresh f…


ivanrqs9785 says:

Do you think it is more reliable than the gaggia baby twin

Tony maz says:

Hey David Lee Roth is selling coffee now??

porfie medina says:

Absolutely love this machine! 

wholelattelovetv says:

It is a single wall basket. Typically, single wall baskets are
non-pressurized and dual wall baskets are pressurized.

Kerry Muzzey says:

Is the non-pressurized basket the single-wall or dual-wall filter, can I

TexicoRambler says:

Thanks for the well presented review.

AL AGG says:

I’ve not had good experience with brevelle in the past and the idea of a
grinder espresso machine combo is not very appealing. Btw Morgan you are
such a hottie. Thanks guys for a great review

wholelattelovetv says:

Marc here from the video, I used the double shot non-pressurized basket and
Whole Latte Love’s Malabar Gold beans. Water temp was at default. Grind was
set to “1” which is 1 click away from the finest setting. I had the best
results when I overdosed the basket. That is, I had ground coffee heaping
over the top of the portafilter and used my fingers to push it down a bit
before tamping. I used a fairly forceful tamp. It was a bit harder than
what I’m used to using for other semi-autos maybe 35lbs

wholelattelovetv says:

Thanks for pointing that out! Hot water dispensers are so common we didn’t
specifically reference it in this video.

Kary Menuau says:

whats the verdict on this machine? will it produce good consistent espresso

porfie medina says:

Great review. I couldn’t agree more I love this machine! says:

This was almost the perfect review except you forgot to mention the
separate hot water dispenser that is something the previous Barista Express
machine did not have.

bleds9897 says:

I just purchased the Breville BES870XL and I would like to know what grind
setting you used to get the best extraction along with any other specifics
you found to work the best such as changing the extraction time, water
temp, etc. Great video…Thanks!

BsOnK1969 says:


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