Blind Taste Test: Rocket Giotto vs. Nuova Simonelli Musica Espresso Machines

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Like we did with the Rocket Giotto vs. Rancilio Silvia espresso maker, we asked Gail to pull shots off each and our fearless crew members lent their taste bu…


Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@coolchef09 Haha — that’s just because you haven’t hung out with me!! I
truly have a sailor’s mouth. And obviously I was referring to donkey 😉 –

Eric Zuniga says:

You know I love you gals and SCG, and we know y’all mostly do practical,
non-scientific testing, but viewers (especially those willing to spend a
few grand on either of these) should know to take any espresso
“experiments” with a grain of salt unless some constants exists such as:
same dose in grams, same shot time, and same final brew weight in grams on
both shots. But anyway, both awesome machines from SCG that, if dialed in
properly, can produce cafe quality shots, if not better! Buy both! 🙂

Eric Yee says:

can you tell me why the musica cost more but dosent have a E 61 or a 3 way

coolchef09 says:

@SeattleCoffeeGear oh ok

Operafiend22 says:

Gail is hilarious!!! Love the vids

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@coolchef09 Yes! We did a video on it yesterday, but it won’t be posted for
awhile. The sneak preview is that it didn’t change temp at all and being
able to filter you water (which would be difficult unless you boiled the
water you put into the reservoir) is more important in the cup. – Kat

coolchef09 says:

@SeattleCoffeeGear oh yea michigan gets those donkey days lol. love the
video. so did you and gal get a verdict on the drip coffee water temp thing
i emailed you about no need for a video just wanted to know thanks

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

It’s a tough call! They both perform so well and you’d have very similar
experiences in the end cup quality — both shots and milk. The Rocket does
have the anti-burn steam wand, however, so that’s something to think about
(if you have children around). Other than that …. it’s really a design
decision. What looks better to you? – Kat

coolchef09 says:

first time i herd you curse cat tisk tisk lol

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@ezuniga612 I can appreciate your perspective because it’s a common one in
several of the coffee communities. I don’t personally share it; practical,
approachable testing and experimentation with coffee is where it’s at in my
opinion and that’s how we have designed all of our content. There’s a place
for everyone and simply because you don’t see agree with the constants we
have in place (Gail calibrated & pulled all of the shots tasted) doesn’t
make it any less valid of a POV. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@Operafiend22 yes she is 🙂 thank you! – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@820nikon It has a proprietary brew group, different than the E61 but the
same overall goal of the temp regulation. It uses the NS commercial class
group and it does have a brew pressure release system/solenoid valve in
place. Also, it’s an automatic – programming always adds a little more loot
to the price. – Kat

Warrenff5 says:

i love rob:)

geninhofcap says:


Eric Zuniga says:

And, sorry for sounding like a jerk (I guess there’s no way around it). 🙁

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