Bezzera Strega & Macap M4D Barista espresso machine

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NEW Bezzera Strega & Macap M4D espresso machines. Classic lever coffee machine for home barista’s. From Bezzera, espresso inventor since 1901. Available at c…


dimogrec says:

nice… waiting for an English or at least italian language review..

dimogrec says:

very kind of you thanks a lot.

CasaBarista says:

Yep, sorry for our difficult Dutch language 😉 I’ve made some English
annotations in the video, might be helpful. English product details & user
manual of the Bezzera Strega can be found on our website.

TheSololobo says:

Dutch has such a unique sound. If I didn’t know any better I would say he
was just making it up.

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