Best Hot Chocolate with Espresso Machine

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Hot Chocolate is easy to make, but with an espresso machine around, the whole thng is now different. Steamed milk add the creamy texture and the sweetness, w…


fujimeira says:

maybe the best hot chocolate in the world, but the ilumination on the video
is really terrible. I can barely see it

Chiinnature says:

YES! it’s SOGOOD – like KFC’s ad, haha!

jryans10 says:

Do you have to warm the milk up or does the frother heat it up?

inefekt69 says:

The frother uses steam which heats up the milk. It can get too hot if
you’re not paying attention. Doesn’t take that long either.

Tactical Bushcraft says:

precision hot chocolate … excellent

Chiinnature says:

it’s to STEAM the milk so it gets sweeter!

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