7 Steps To The Perfect Cup Of Coffee at Home

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A perfect day is jumpstarted by the perfect cup of coffee at home. This requires the process to be better for all coffee lovers. In seven steps, anyone can prepare delicious cup of coffee in his kitchen at home.

Use a clean coffee maker. In addition to selecting a manufacturer of high quality, a good cup of coffee comes from freshly cleaned equipment. Oil accumulates in your coffeemaker and this can cause the rancid flavor of coffee. Clean your coffee maker with a mixture of vinegar and cold water every 60 brew cycles for cleanliness. The mixture should begin in the whole cycle of preparing, and then a new cycle with water to rinse the vinegar smell and taste.

Since coffee beans are very absorbent, do not use water that does not contain chlorine and minerals. You can run tap water with a carbon filter or bottled water for your coffee. Some machines beer has an active carbon filter for water, but should be replaced every 60 cycles for a beer filter effect.

Use fresh coffee. If you are roasting your own coffee, you have to buy those that are equipped with one-way valve, they are packed within 24 hours of roasting. Modern packaging maintains freshness for up to six months, but do not put all vendor baked beans in this way. Coffee in a cool, dry, dark container, airtight because coffe, once exposed to air and moisture, reduce its freshness. Maximum freshness of ground coffee for three days, while the beans the last 10 days.

In addition to high quality beers and well maintained, you also need a quality grinder. Sometimes you may want to own powdered coffee grind by buying those that may not be suitable for grinding its own brewery. Duration processing oil from the ground grain is important. Reasons that are too large can cause the café, while the revised reasons that are too small to result in a bitter glass. If grinding your home or buy pre-ground beans, make sure it is a filter that allows you to join the brewing method you use.

Do the math. It is a balance between coffee and water. Usually two tablespoons of ground coffee VAI with 6 ounces of water. It is a matter of personal taste, of course.

Get the right temperature. Welding is a delicate thing. Heat the water to 195-205 ° C, and will be determined the quantity of oil extracted from coffee beans.
The address of coffee at home, we know how particular coffee drinkers! See our selection of brewers with high quality coffee and accessories, so you can draw a perfect cup of coffee in your home.


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