Cold Coffee Recipe  in Tamil | How to make cold coffee at home in Tamil | Coffee Milkshake

In this video we will see how to make cold coffee recipe in Tamil. Cold coffee incorporates the wonderful stimulation of coffee and the rice and creaminess of icecream. It is a pleasant beverage to enjoy during the hot summer months. You can add some whipped cream at the top to create a more aesthetic […]

Thick Cold Coffee Freakshake | Extreme Milkshake Recipe | Cold coffee recipe | Yummylicious

I love coffee and everything that’s made with coffee. Right from espresso to cold coffees. There are many recipes for cold coffees but I haven’t seen any recipe with is clubbed with a easy freakshake. So this is my small effort to combine thick & creamy cold coffee with donut freakshake. I hope you will […]

Cold Coffee Recipe | Thick & Creamy Cold Coffee at Home | Coffee Milkshake ~ By The Terrace Kitchen

Now you can also make Thick & Creamy Cold Coffee at home without any hassle. Just follow this simple recipe to make a café style Cold Coffee with ease. [INGREDIENTS] – 3 Tbsp Instant Coffee – 2 Cups Chilled Milk – 3 Tbsp Sugar – 6 Scoops (Medium Size) Vanilla Ice Cream – ½ Cup […]