Restored Conti Empress Espresso Machine Finished Project

Restored Conti Empress Espresso Machine Finished Project

Conti Empress Espresso Machine Finished Restoration with explanation of pulling shots and machine function.



boldsoulsister says:

Stunning… wish my pocketbook was stunned too. I would love to own this.

kaffeind says:

I love watching your uploads guys. Very informative and entertaining.

boldsoulsister says:

Doug… do you sell your OE espresso cups on your site? They’re cute!

boldsoulsister says:

Right on! You should let everyone else know on Coffeegeek and Home Barista
(I’m doubleosoul on those sites). YOu’ll have plenty of orders as you have
a big fan base:) Cheers.

Clean767 says:

Holy sh*t! what a gorgeous machine! I noticed the front “Conti” plate looks
like it may have accidentally lost its bottom half, but maybe this is
normal. Do you know? I ask b/c I just inherited a Conti Prestina brass
machine, and it has the same Conti name plate in the front, and I wasnt
sure what it was supposed to look like. Also, I’m unsure of the production
year of my Prestina, if I sent you pictures, could you help me identify it?

starkiezuk says:

Damn man! Great shot! 🙂

orphanespresso says:

Actually, soon…ish! The cups are ordered, along with a full line of cups
from Inker in 5 colors, and 4, or 5, or 6 different styles from a big
Latte, down to a radical little 2.2 oz ristretto, and to celebrate the 2nd
anniversary of the OE our 1st Collection set! Thank you for asking!

Robert Jason says:

Very nice, Doug.

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