Pulling an Espresso Shot on a Silvercrest Espresso Machine

Pulling an Espresso Shot on a Silvercrest Espresso Machine

My partner and I testing out our Silvercrest Espresso Machine (rebranded DeLonghi, similar to the EC152). We bought the Silvercrest from Lidl for £39.99 and …



gtrmnc says:

It was not run dry actually… It was probably faulty… but it did make
quite a big explosion 😛

citroenbanaan says:

I’ve bought this one as well on a sale (€49,99) at the LIDL. Tested it with
the pressurizer and it didn’t produce the nice crema layer. Without the
pressurizer it produced a nice pull indeed. Thanks for the tip!!

kenzen2 says:

Yeah, true – it is a bit noisy but all vibe pump-equipped espresso machines
are. Rotary pumps are very quiet but you won’t get a rotary pump-equipped
machine without parting with, at least, £1000. Which we plan on doing, one
day… maybe 😉 But then again, we have a coffee grinder which is twice as
noisy as the vibe pump, lol.

arkasza2007 says:

Can’t believe 😀 I had mine for 2,5 years! 😀

NetRolller3D says:

Not a DeLonghi, but some kind of Capresso clone. Same portafilter as on the
Capresso EC100 and EC50.

kenzen2 says:

We pull our shots of espresso first and then, within a minute, the
machine’s ready to steam milk 🙂

djanim8 says:

Now thats just pornographic. : )

Maxi_overload says:

I would like to buy this caffee machine. Is it possible from you to tell me
if i need also a coffee grinders or it not necessary for the portafilter.
which brand of coffee should I buy?

kenzen2 says:

We will post a video with an update as to how we did this. But, at the
time, we weren’t in the best of moods so, we just forced a screwdriver
through and it neatly popped out 😉 The machine is supplied with two
baskets, so if we ever wanted to revert back to a pressurised system, we
can 🙂 The pressurised element can be separated from the basket, so you
have the option of re-pressurising the single or the double basket.

arkasza2007 says:

When you used it for the first time it was broken too? I had same problem
for a little period of time but I cleaned it with citric acid and it was
ok. You must w8 until green light will shine

adiasasin says:

nice…today i buys this from lidl…i will try mee to:X::X:X:X

kenzen2 says:

The video description should answer all your questions. But, in short: you
don’t need a coffee grinder – the portafilter comes with two baskets: one
for a single shot and one for a double shot. So, just choose an
off-the-shelf coffee to your taste, pre-ground for an espresso machine (not
for a cafetiere, which is much, much coarser grind).

mygoodstuffreviewed says:

@Oisinoshizzle hahaha, great minds think alike – and obviously drink too

kenzen2 says:

Thanks for the comment 🙂 The machine is still going strong, almost two
years later! Although we did end up getting a £400 Mahlkönig Vario Grinder,

erny007 says:

Bought this machine for Christmas this year.The espresso is super but I
have problem with the top button with – and + that should create
steam,etc.(Number 2 in the manual).I simply cant turn it.Its like blocked
or something.Is my machine broken or is there some kind of lock that I
havent found ?

Oisin O' Shea says:

@mygoodstuffreviewed Was just about to comment saying that about the
guiness !! 🙂

kenzen2 says:

We’ve left this monkey on all day (accidentally, several times) whilst
pulling espressos before leaving for work. We think the main thing is not
letting it run dry. We’re not sure what safety provisions are fitted with
this machine, but would fully expect it to explode if it was left on and
ran dry. Not advised! We’ve also accidentally let this machine run dry
several times whilst pulling shots but quickly replenished the water
reservoir and allowed the machine to refill the boiler immediately.

MrBlackfister says:

What exactly did you remove from the portafilter and how did you do it?

Maxi_overload says:

Are you satisfied with the taste of coffee because in forums I read that
the single shot pf something wrong happened with the extraction so the tast
using the single shot is not good as using the double but be poured in one

mygoodstuffreviewed says:

That coffee looked like Guinness being poured! And what a cheap price for
the machine. Got yourself a bargain there.

tunisiano1986 says:

Hi, could you please tell me how the steamer is on this? Are you able to
produce microfoam with it?

longtalker says:

When making a cappuccino with this machine, is the steamed milk poured into
the cup immediately after the coffee? I know with some cappuccino makers,
the steamed milk only comes a good 10 minutes or so after the coffee, which
is not ideal. Thanks in advance!

speedyb22 says:

These were recently on offer again, so I’ve picked one up for myeslf. Very
interested in a depressurizing video.

gtrmnc says:

believe it or not mine exploded after using in 3 times and was always

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