Ponte Vecchio Lusso espresso machine

Ponte Vecchio Lusso espresso machine

Ponte Vecchio Lusso Espresso Machine pulling shots and steaming milk for latte art.



brooklynshot says:

Also the steam and hot water valves are decent, but the steam wand does not
articulate, but it is positioned well and does a good job steaming
micro-foam with a 12 oz pitcher. A full double shot requires 3 pumps
including pre-infusion. The machine in the video is available if interested.

lensj says:

you could have made the coffee in “green hornet” 😀 looks great. i have a
ponte vecchio export since 6 or 7 years, but i think about upgrading as it
is especially in summertime overheating a little bit. greets from vienna

seagreen3141 says:

Beautiful work. Btw, who does the background music?

brooklynshot says:

Not sure if I got back to you, but I can custom make a steam tip for most
machines if the tip screws off and is not welded on.

brooklynshot says:

The build quality is pretty decent. The one in the video has the water
level auto-shut-off feature removed since they were having problems with it
malfunctioning, but that’s the only issue I’ve heard of. The group head is
bolted to the frame not the boiler, and there is a pressure switch to
regulate the pressure/temperature (one is a function of the other) so the
over heating issue is not there. There is a 2 pipe thermo-siphon from the
boiler to group for temperature stability.

frontsquare says:

Brooklynshot … you recommend a steam wand tip with a single hole 1/16th
inch for steaming milk. Where can I get one for an Elektra Nivola espresso
machine? I purchased one with 3 holes – not great.

I don't want a new you tube name says:

@seagreen3141 its from a 90’s bollywood movie called Taal and music is by A
R Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire).

LyndonTCorbett says:

Curious… how is the build quality on the Ponte Vecchio Lusso? I’m looking
at upgrading from my LaPav to the Lusso 2 group. Are any of the issues of
the heads over heating with the LaPav found on the Lusso?

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