Mini-Tour of Nuova Simonelli Musica Espresso Machine

Mini-Tour of Nuova Simonelli Musica Espresso Machine
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A great machine for the home barista that wants cafe quality coffees at home. There’s nothing that can’t be done…and done in style with this machine.


Lizzy's Fresh Coffee says:

@FrankieFiveAces Actually the steam pressure is on or off only. This is
identical to how our commercial machine works as well. Hope that’s helpful.

Kennie Chan says:

Please focus

FrankieFiveAces says:

can you also pull down on the steam wand to control the steam pressure?

FrankieFiveAces says:

ah i see.. I remember i used an simonelli before and it had two different
options when using the steam wand.. either press up… slightly.. until it
clicks into the full on position.. or pull down slightly until it bottoms
out.. but doesn’t click into the full on position .. i used to pull down..
and adjust my steam pressure throughout the steaming process.. i liked that
function.. but i’m ok with this one too.. i’m looking to buy a violet
Musica very soon. thanks for the demo.

Tony Woo says:

Hi, just wondering whether the Simonelli musica has a temperature
controlled function? Thank you.

Lizzy's Fresh Coffee says:

Thanks for the question. The machine has a pressurestat internally that can
only be adjusted when the top cover is removed. There is not an adjustment
that can be made during regular operation externally. Hope you find that

Lizzy's Fresh Coffee says:

@artLtx LIST PRICE on the Lux is $3350, and the Black is $2990, but check
out pricing on our site, because we have a great sale right now

Herman Botha says:

your videos are so cool.seattlecoffeegear videos provide excellent info but
the two ladies are so irritatingly childish!thanks for the informative

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