Making a Cappuccino using my Dolce Gusto Piccolo espresso machine

Making a Cappuccino using my Dolce Gusto Piccolo espresso machine

Making a cappuccino with my new Dolce Gusto Piccolo espresso machine. As the instructions says, milk first so it layers. Great cappuccino and great coffee! F…



Leo Tillmans says:

top bedankt

TheZontania says:

@gabrielsl Can you please tell me if you wanted to make a mug of coffee and
you just let more water pass through the pod, would that coffee taste as
strong as McDonald’s coffee? I hate McD’s coffee, I find it impossibly
strong and 6 packs of sugar later and lots of milk, I still struggle to
drink it. I usually take 1 heaped tsp of instant coffee with half a mug of
water and the rest of milk. Would you be so kind as to try and describe the
coffee strength? Thanks in advance.

Gabriel Sobreira says:

@bolsiki Actually the coffee doesn’t end… the capsule is filled with
ground roasted coffee, so you can use it more times before taking it off
the machine, but it won’t taste so good, for sure. The thing that you don’t
want to take it off and then put it back again is because it pierces the
capsule and if you use it again, it may make a different hole and the
pressure will make the water spill all over the place throught the previous
one… and it will make a mess lol

einarknutsen says:

@deathlykissxxx well, you hook it, put the cable in the wall. then u put in
the capsels, then u turn it on and wait for ca. 5 min. then u start making
it, (needs 5 min for water to heat up) i have the circolo tho, i dunno with
piccolo but ;just tryin to help 😀

Mariana Pontes says:

C’est capucciono m’avis très bon! J’veux le boire 🙂 Avec ce music, je
reste avec le faim. Baises.

Elias B says:

HELP ME !! I cant get the watrer to flow !!?? I turn it on and do the
steps, but there is no water/coffe coming !!! HELP ME !!

Gabriel Sobreira says:

@mmariaervilha Hello there, There’s an alternative, the Nespresso machines,
but they only make coffee. I don’t think I’ve seen any lactose-free capsule
yet, and I just checked the website to be sure and there isn’t anything
there about it. They keep releasing new stuff and new pods every now and
then, but I wouldn’t count on that. The thing about reusing the capsules is
kinda dangerous. You may take the original coffee or milk out and then try
to put back some other stuff you want, like the

Gabriel Sobreira says:

@chinoytheman But it is as you said, it goes on your own taste. I like to
drink some lungo expresso, so I just let the water flow a little bit more
using an intense coffee pod. My brother likes more milk then coffee, so he
does it his way. There are, of course, some cup and other stuff to sell at
the website. Hope it helped and thanks for you comment!

Gabriel Sobreira says:

@mmariaervilha lactose-free powdered milk. It might work, but you have to
be careful about the pressure and everything. I’ve seen some people reusing
the capsule, replacing its content. There are some videos here on youtube
that you may want to check out. Just search for dolce gusto recovery
capsules, or something like that… To be this creamy I think it’s only
about the quality of the milk used. What I know is that they use this
thermal block system. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

chairday says:

Color of this coffee like solvable coffe

efthlouk says:

hi! i have a question: what if you don’t choose to use all the contents of
a capsule. What do you do then? Can they be reused or something?

Sawier says:

this isnt even close to cappuccino

smokeybarr says:

It’s witchcraft!!

TheZontania says:

I clicked ‘dislike’ for this video for the simple reason that you have put
music on it which prevents the viewer from evaluating the noise of the
machine during operation. Also, you seem to take some time before doing the
actions which makes it harder to calculate the total time needed to brew a
cup of coffee. I am still not convinced that these machines are worth their
money as I can make a cafe crema using my instant coffee, an aerolatte
machine and some hot water.

espressomachineman says:

@Milio80 Hahaha, how else do you think they get the milk and the coffee for
drinks that require both? Put them in the same pod? Use your brain my

Gabriel Sobreira says:

@cckyky Olá. Obrigado pelo comentário. Então, as capsulas são vendidas
separadamente. São vendidas caixas com capsulas para capuccino, para
expresso, mochoccino, etc. Sempre estão lançando novos sabores. Qualquer
coisa, é só perguntar.

topsui says:

this is probably a stupid question …. Couldn’t you fill it to the top? or
would it run out? I know its a stupid question, sorry!

GuiSL89 says:

Very good! I would love to buy such a machine =)

Alexandre Castro says:

Você precisa de duas cápsulas para fazer o café né? Uma de leite e outra
com o café. Então cada embalagem de 16 cápsulas fazem somente 8 cafés?

TheZontania says:

@gabrielsl Thanks for your reply. I have watched several videos today and
can say that the Nespresso machines are probably the quietest of the lot
with the exception of one brand that is not on sale in this country. I am
feeling worried though because Nespresso owners who have had their machines
for a couple of years are reporting leakages and gradual deterioration of
the coffee supply system. I am in two minds about going for a Nespresso. My
research continues!

Gabriel Sobreira says:

@meknowne89 Hello there. Thanks for the comment. This one handles my needs
very well. The only difference between this one and the other ones is the
capacity of the water resevoir. I don’t find that that’s a problem, at
least for me. There is, though, this new Dolce Gusto Creativa, with a LCD
and some digital stuff. Maybe that one is worth the extra investment,
although they use the same capsules. One that it is definetely better, is
the Nespresso machine. The coffee, people say, is way better!

Amberley King says:

You know at 1.34 you take out the milk pod could you put another cup in
there and carry on using that pod so it doesnt get wasted or would it be
watery, same for with the coffee. And how do you know when the pod is empty

PetarTalks says:

ahahh i just make capuccino and im drinking it and its super

Gabriel Sobreira says:

@chinoytheman Hello there, Thank you for commenting. Yes, you are right.
There are some standards specs for preparing the drinks. I think the only
Dolce Gusto that doesn’t come with a cup is the Piccolo one, all others
come with a “free” drinking glass. I usually make my drinks using my own
glass, after a while, you get the hang of it. There is, though, this new
Dolce Gusto Creativa, with a LCD and some digital stuff. It drops the exact
amount of water for your drinks.

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

This is a huge cappuccino. Here in Iceland Cappuccino is no more than 5-6oz

Aurora Nora says:

Hi, nice review. We’re planning to buy a Dolce Gusto but we’re still torn
apart whether to get the unit you’re showing on this video or whether to
invest a little bit more money to get a more expensive unit. What would be
your recommendation since you’re already using this Piccolo one? Thanks

Gabriel Sobreira says:

@uky0chan A bit. But only some of the drinks need two. For an espresso is
just one. But yet, a little bit expensive…

chinoytheman says:

I have a question, how would you know when to “stop” the water from
flowing? I know it will depend on your preference, but I see a lot of trial
and errors then. Does the machine come with the drinking glass? Coz i saw
from the box of capsules that there is a picture on where the milk should
end (like where is 50ml as compared to 75ml) but what if you are using your
own drinking glass? thanks for your time. great video btw

Gabriel Sobreira says:

@TheZontania Hello there. Thanks for your comment. Actually, if you look
closely there’s a red light flashing on the left side, that’s why I’m
waiting before starting the process. When it turns green, you can start
making your coffee. That’s the time for the machine to heat up when you
turn it on. After that it is pretty fast. About the noise, the machine is
quite quiet. I think it was worth the money. The capsules are a bit
expensive, but the espresso is excelent! Hope it helped!

Megan Lovatt says:

just the piccolo and cant get it to work can any1 help me please.

Gabriel Sobreira says:

@TheZontania I’ve had my machine for over a year and it hasn’t had any
problems yet! But notice that this one here is the Dolce Gusto, and not
Nespresso. Nespresso coffee is way better, truly. I don’t like McDonald’s
coffee either, and neither Starbucks’, they’re simply not strong enough for
me! The advantage of these machines is that they have several types of
coffee pods, including an intense espresso that’s very good, so you can buy
pods that suit your taste better.

Thirdy Roldan says:

Do the capsules tell the coffee machine what to make?

Mariane Magalhães says:

thanks for posting that video. i’m really willing to buy one of these, but
my husband is alergic to lactose and nestlé doesn’t offer an alternative
for dolce gusto machines. do you think it’s possible to use lactose-free
powdered milk for the drinks where it is needed? do you know what process
the machine does to have the milk capsule to be this creamy? thanks!

bolsiki says:

every capsule for one usage ? can i use many time if there is still cofe in
capsuel ?

Gabriel Sobreira says:

Not a stupid question at all. 🙂 And yes, it may be filled up to the top.
The pod is filled with grounded roasted coffee and not soluble coffee, so
it doesn’t run out. Of course, if you let the water flow a little more, the
coffee won’t be as strong as it should be, but that’s up to your taste. I
like my coffee strong, and sometimes I use an intense pod to make a lungo
and it’s ok for me! Hope it helped, and feel free to ask more questions.

topsui says:

thanks for that, I didn’t know it was filled with grouded roasted coffee
much appreciated ;D

ukyo kun says:

so you have to use multiple pods to make drinks? sounds exspensiv

E.J. V.C. says:

Two capsules for make this???? Mmmmm Bad!

pumpkingirl141 says:

Really useful… Thanks!!

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