Lever espresso machine with propane and Flo-Jet:

Lever espresso machine with propane and Flo-Jet:

His name is Lewis. He lives on my balcony patio outside my bedroom. Propane power is much more thermally stable than electricity. The gauge just sits there o…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZib7WsSXAo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZib7WsSXAo


Chad Christensen says:


This is a good kit to retrofit to your machine. It has almost all the same
components that my set-up has. The kit attaches the propane pressurestat to
the bottom of the sight glass. If you’re looking to build a propane only
machine, the electrical pressurestat can be removed and the propane
pressurestat can be put in its place.

I’ve seen a 1964 Boema online, and it’s internals are very cool looking!
You’re welcome to email me anytime at thechadzone@hotmail.com. 

David Griffiths says:

Hi Chad,
I saw your comments on another project on home Barista and was inspired by
the variable flame you employ.I have now just finished watching your video
a couple of times ( Fantastic ) . I have a 1964 Boema 2 group lever
machine that I am rebuilding at the moment and i am making steps to convert
it to run on Liquid Propane Gas. Your video has inspired me to rethink my
whole design Though . I am thinking that I could put a T junction in the
presurestat ( that controls the electric element ) line and plum in a
variable presurstat to control my gas . Anyway I would really like to
talk|email you to get a better understanding of how you achieved your
design and where you found your parts . so i might build something similar
if you are OK with that ..do you do Skype ? or how is the best way for you
to communicate 

Alan Wolf says:

Taking it to an art form Chad! The world loves a dedicated purist!

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