La San Marco – 95 Pract-E Espresso Machine

La San Marco – 95 Pract-E Espresso Machine
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This video is a walk-through of the La San Marco 95 Series Programmable espresso machine.


Teagen Elinor says:

Sorry to bug, Does the machine have to be warmed up and the pressure gauge
in the green before the touch pad will even work?

Teagen Elinor says:

Hello there, thank you for posting. I just bought a re-furbished La San
Marco 95 SPRINT E machine. Its just like yours, except it has two espresso
heads. Everything seems to work, except the touch pad isn’t responding at
all. Is there a way to check if I need a new touch pad? The manual I have
doesn’t really cover the kind I have.

Amy Sturge says:

very thorough review, thanks

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