How to use the DeLonghi Espresso Machine

How to use the DeLonghi Espresso Machine

This video is intended for guests at our condo, to show you how to make espresso, cappucino, or latte with our espresso machine.



Kimberly Dijkstra says:

pouring the coffee grounds down the drain might clog your plumbing. it
depends, but i wouldn’t do it without a garbage disposal. dump them in the
trash, or better yet, the garden/compost heap!

hswolfmaniac says:

I was given a DeLonghi Bar 14 Espresso Machine, but with parts missing. I
know I need the 1- and 2-cup filters as well as filter holder, however, I’m
not sure about the additional accessories such as cups, pitchers, etc.
Can anyone provide me with information on accessories? Thank you.

YumekuiNeru says:

I see. Thank you. I still struggle with finding the right portions of
espresso powder, water, milk and how hard to tamp. Not to mention how long
to steam and how finely to grind.

ExtraSilver says:

hey again 🙂 i bought one of thease today and as me being new to an
expresso machine it was pretty easy to use for the money it makes a good
expresso shot also did you know how you get hot water out of it ? as i
havent seen anybody do it but i know how lol

hardcoretilidie1 says:

IM THINKIN OF BUYING ON OF THEESE:nice guide very helpful but i preffer
cappuchinos would i just have to like make and espresso first

Genieve Colville says:

Lol, THANK YOU.. so much wasted time trying to find a manual!

ExtraSilver says:

put the pump on and open the steam tap then hot water comes out you
proberly already knew lol just iv never seen anybody eals do it before on

ExtraSilver says:

was it driping when it was new? just dosent stop dripping when its on

renix says:

@citaborea I should also add that the YOU MUST TAMP WITH 30 lbs is a myth,
not true. This is not taught by any barista champion. You tamp firmly and
level, tamping pressure has no real effect compared to the pressure a real
espresso pump machines makes. Now, with these cheaper entry level machines
it does, you can tamp it into a choke, that’s because the pumps are so weak.

DJDJ808 says:

Love the bullet point reminders at the end, you really want to help your
audience learn how to use the machine properly and it shows. Thank you.

Benny Galey says:

wow well I defiantly wouldn’t order any more fail with that latte than what
it already comes with. don’t press the steam before you brew your water
temp will burn the coffee, tamp the coffee with 30 IBS don’t just level it.
Porter filter basket not head, purge please, brew (Until bonding or it goes
pale not just when ever )then press the steam button so the boiler goes up
in temp then steam creating a whirlpool in the milk its achievable I had a
delonghi once. and it shouldn’t look like mud.

Warrenff5 says:

Very good demonstration, however, you made a few easy mistakes: you MUST
tamp your grinds with at least 30 pounds of pressure, less is bad for the
portafilter; you used the wrong cups-the metal is for steaming, the other
for espresso; the coffee mug must be warm, the frothing cup cold; you pour
the steamed milk into the shot, not vice versa; and you should also steam
the milk first, then let out some water because the temperature from the
water on the steamer setting will burn the espresso.

CappuccinoMaker says:

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JuniPerez says:

These Delonghi’s come with a pressurized portafilter… so no need to tamp
to 30 lbs, which is why it comes with a built in plastic tamper… the
pressurized portafilter forgives grind size and tamp pressure. It’s kind of
a cheat. You can later on upgrade to a non-pressurized porta, but you’ll
then need to worry about grinding the coffee properly… a cheap grinder
won’t cut it at that time.

metaspherz says:

Nothing fancy but it helps espresso novices to get the job done without a
lot of unnecessary explanation which generally just adds to confusion.

JuniPerez says:

These are entry level… it’s not as good of an espresso, agree, but
technically it is an espresso…

citaborea says:

@Warrenff5 Thanks so much for your input. I will update the video next time
I’m at the machine (in May sometime) and will do it right!

JuniPerez says:

True… These entry level Delonghi’s come with a pressurized portafilter.
The pressurized portafilter is a “cheat” which allows you to not have to
tamp it to 30# and isn’t picky about the grind.

renix says:

@KelvinKrastel Well, you can make coffee, but at most you’ll make half-way
espresso. These machines do not make actual espresso. I’m not being a snob
I’m giving you the real non-marketing information. It takes a certain level
of pressure to make espresso, about 9 bars in the BASKET. Not a 15 bar pump
that produces 6 in the basket. A nice grind for espresso costs at least
$100 with a zassenhaus/pede mill. Electronic is more like $400. The stuff
in the video is a far cry from espresso.

Warrenff5 says:

after about 30 seconds, a freshly pulled shot of espresso will become
stale. therefore, one should steam the milk first, which stays warmer
longer, then draw water through the boiler to cool it down for pulling the

Brendan Keating says:

Decent tutorial its better than looking at the painful manual

ExtraSilver says:

ow right lol well its an alright machine for the price i guess as long as
it makes an ok expresso then its cool

Kelvin Krastel says:

@renix What a patronizing snob. Of course you can make excellent coffee
with this machine. Good beans, nice grind, and a pump-driven machine – like
this one – and you have excellent coffee. You don’t have to spend thousands
to get good coffee.

Havranek88 says:

OK…its helpfull, but its wrong…Maybe for home using its enought, but u
shold try to “play” more with coffee in a head (i dont know, if its right
word, i mean thing, u put coffee into).. When u re pressing coffee, it must
be straight, really straight..Then the rest of coffee after using is not
like mud, but its pretty hard. And try to put more coffee too, before u
press that, it mus be straight-full.. Then the coffee tastes really better,
check it out! Regards and sorry 4 my english:-)

Salahabourr says:

thanks =D

JuniPerez says:

It’s definitely the beans… but I love the ec702 better… does great
crema with the pressurized portafilter, but if you get a non-pressurized
portafilter it’s even better, though with non-pressurized portafilter
you’ll need to grind the beans and tamp it down properly for good crema.

citaborea says:

Yes … I think it’s always been like that.

YumekuiNeru says:

Totally late reply, but why should you steam the milk first? Why not do the
espresso first, then turn on the steamer so that the water gets hot and you
can steam milk? That way you avoid burning the espresso.

KingDavidANC says:

@citaborea (Read the first of my 3 comments first) Now, flip the froth
switch off and run some water through the machine until the light turns off
(indicating that the machine is not yet at proper temperature to brew, or
froth). Now, wait for the light to turn back on to brew the espresso. What
you’ve done is run all of the frothing-temperature water out of the
machine, and reheated the water for BREWING temperature. That’s all you
need to do.

citaborea says:

Thanks for the comments. I have this on the ‘net because it’s at a rental
house and it’s easier to do this than to write down the directions! If you
can think of anything else to say, let me know!

citaborea says:

@pinkstate Hi – sorry for the big delay. It isn’t the machine that produces
(or doesn’t produce) the crema – it’s the coffee. I was probably using some
old beans. Shame on me!

seattlefern2008 says:

Very nice!

Francis Pienaar says:

1:14 “If you have one of these at home, just don’t tamp it as hard as you
would at home.” What.


Great video.. Dont pay attention to the fake boughie snobs..I purchased an
entry level Delonghi on sale for $30 (50% off) from & it makes
an exellent espresso & latte…With with coffee beans from costco, im sure
i save a couple hundred a month on caffeine addiction & my lattes &
espressos are just a good as any starbucks or peets… Just blended Sumatra
x Fresh Roast with a froth of half n half = HEAVENLY….

citaborea says:

@92benjy Hi Benjy – I don’t think I understand what you’re saying in the
beginning of your message. What do you mean by you wouldn’t order any more
fail …? And Porter filter basket not head, purge please? It sounds like
you really know your machine but I don’t understand well enough to know
what you’re saying.

pinkstate says:

Very helpfull! I was thinking about getting a De’longhi, but now, looking
at your video it looks like it does not produce too much crema. Is it
always like this?

KingDavidANC says:

@citaborea To dispense hot water, turn the machine on, but leave the froth
switch off and allow it to heat. Then turn the frothing dial so that the
hot water is dispensed from the frothing wand.

kingdavecako says:

@92benjy Oh, that’s funny. I’d actually ask for them to hold the fail.

citaborea says:

So – how do you do it? I’d love to know!

Amir Nazari says:

Thank you. was very helpful

renix says:

@Warrenff5 Bad for the PF? How is that? That doesn’t even make sense.
Tamping with 30 lbs doesn’t really make sense with cheapo machines like
this coupled with a blade grinder bc the grind is so fine you may not even
need anything more than a flattening. I mean, the espresso is going to be
terrible either way with this equipment but what you’re saying is false.

KingDavidANC says:

@citaborea This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about, andr he
evidentially isn’t very familiar with the proper usage of a keyboard. What
he saying, is that espresso is brewed at a much lower temperature than the
temperature used for frothing milk, therefore you need to prepare each in
such a way that they each get treated with the proper temperature, however
he doesn’t understand how to properly do so. (continued in another comment)

KingDavidANC says:

@citaborea (Read the other comment of mine first, if you haven’t already.)
He has the steps wrong. His steps have some logic to them, however aren’t
correct in practice. Leaving espresso out for more than 30 seconds spoils
the flavor, so you must froth the milk first. You will first need to flip
the froth switch (so the machine primes for the HIGHER frothing
temperature), and froth the milk. (continued yet again)

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