How to Use a Stove Top Espresso Machine : Bialetti Moka

How to Use a Stove Top Espresso Machine : Bialetti Moka

Rebecca Brand shows how to use a stove top espresso maker and make espresso shots as she shows how to make stove top espresso with a Bialetti Moka, or Moka p…



Dylan Niece says:

Have another espresso lady!!!

kunjidee says:

so all that coffee made like…1/4 cup?

zach smith says:

How many coffees did you have before you made this video?

gioxi81 says:

As italian living in Italy i am very pleased to see you using a bialetti
moka!!! Bialetti is one of the best brand in Italy! I have 5 different size
coffee maker and all of them are bialetti! i want to say just one thing!
The moka you use in the video is called a “3 cups”, because using that you
can make 3 full espresso cups. The cups intended are obviously the little
espresso one! Since you usually don’t fill the cup, using that moka you are
able to prepare coffe for 5 or six people! Though i noticed that you didn’t
get much coffe, maybe just one cup? I think that’s why you didn’t put
enough water! You don’t measure water, you just fill the bottom part to
just below the valve and then you fill the middle part completely with
coffee without pressing. There are people who like strong espresso who fill
the middle part and make a little mountain on top. But maybe you americans
are not used to strong espresso and you don’t like it!! 🙂 Anyway rebecca
you’re amazing!!!! :)

Сергей Павленко says:

thx , nice video

Ava Walker says:

Should of made pi cuz it’s pie day

Joe Schmeltzer says:

cheers, thanks Rebecca, need to find one of those :-)

frick frack says:

makes me want espresso every day! can’t though haha too much caffine

1Nanalo says:

amazing science <3

Cj Gibson says:

Love your channel! Would you say this is one of the best expresso brands? I
am looking to buy one and there are so many options! Just curious of your
opinion… Thanks so much!

Desiree Brown says:

Whip creme moustache 

najamah1 says:

العقل نعمه
مع انها تعجبني الا ان طريقه كلامها وحركاتها حمارة 

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