Gear Testing: Krups XP1020

Gear Testing: Krups XP1020

Gail takes this steam-driven espresso machine for a test drive.



Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Hi Juan, This machine uses a pressurized portafilter, so very little to no
tamping is needed. No crema was produced because this machine brews on
steam pressure, much like a stovetop brewer. – Sarah

Neymar Sari says:

I have read in
.He say that krups xp1020 its great.What your advice? do i must buy this
krups xp1020? or you have another recomendation?

Juan Luis Hernández Macías says:

Two mistakes on this brewing. You didn’t tamped the coffee. Second, it’s
not fresh coffee. This is why you didn’t get any crema.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Not really sure; we only tested this machine the one time for this video
and decided not to carry it … – Kat

John C. Koershuis says:

To froth milk I use a small French coffee press,with warm milk, push the
plunger, fast up and down, several time. That’s all

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

It doesn’t look like you can add them on later. I encourage you to reach
out to our commercial team, as they would be more than happy to talk you
through the options and help you find something that suits your needs!
seattlecoffeegear[dot]com/cafe -Kaylie

Commander Fluffy says:

I really wish I worked there, though I’d probably be really high on coffee
all the time.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@jdharding2 Yep — and that’s what we said here. – Kat

JulietsMan says:

Okay…you CAN get a beautiful rich cream from a steam driven espresso
maker and IT IS TRUE ESPRESSO and in IMO Far superior to pump driven
espresso. You have to make sure the grind is perfect and that the pack of
ur coffee is not too loose and not too tight. If you get it right, about 3
to 8 seconds into the pull u will get REAL OILY CREMA instead of that fake
air induced crap u get from a pump driven machine. Keep practicing and
you’ll get to the ART of a good cup of coffee.

Susan Yeley says:

thanks Gail!

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@keviiino Thanks! And awesome to hear that your Krups is still alive and
kicking! 🙂 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@mrJustin2678 Yeah, that’s just a *bit* of an upgrade over this one 😀 – Kat

yootoobia says:

I gotta say this is not just a “stove top” quality machine at all. I think
it’s all in how you pack/tamp the espresso and the quality of espresso
used. I got a very rich crema out of my shots with this baby. Couldn’t be
more satisfied. I do appreciate your videos. They are so helpful for really
seeing things in action. Thx!

Ken chan says:

so, can it make expresso at all..? the coffee looks like regular coffee..

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@skoredreng Capresso has one, too, as well. – Kat

Ana says:

sssssly:Traditionally, espresso is made eethir long (more watery) or short (less in the cup but a little more concentrated). The best way is to add sugar to taste then sip it, but you can drink it all at once if are in a rush or something. Adding milk or anything else to it makes it something else. For example, adding a little frothed milk on top is called espresso macchiato. Adding espresso to a glass or warm milk makes it cafe latte. A little less milk and some milk froth with some cocoa powder or cinnamon turns it into a cappuccino.Buy a good quality Italian ground espresso and you can’t go wrong!

keviiino says:

i have a 14yr old krups an i love it to deth.. but looking for a new and
“real” your channel, it is helpful, funn and interesting.
Continue the good job

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Thanks for sharing your technique! 🙂 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

They rely on the fact that there is older steam-driven models before pump
espresso came to pass, really. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@keviiino Is it Murphy’s Law? Or would that be that it died the same day
you *thought* about getting a new one? 😉 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Thank you!! 🙂 – Kat

winelover215 says:

Pre-infusion 🙂 Good one Kat!

wrestingkingable says:

If I got the egro touch, can I add on the add ons later purchasing
separate? (milk fridge, etc…)

Scott p says:

I have a very similar machine. I like this method. Fill with water until
almost full, install the portafilter with out the basket, turn on. When
approx.1/2 of a cup of water has passed, turn the switch off. While it’s
heating up I load grounds and tamp as usual, install the basket. Then turn
the switch back to brew, pressure will build in the portafilter. Do not
remove it until there is no more pressure in the boiler. I pull into shot
glasses and turn the power switch to off before it’s done.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@JulietsMan Sorry, steam-driven is not true espresso due to BAR and
temperature differentials. Espresso is explicitly defined as coffee
extracted under 9 BARs of pressure and within 195F – 205F degrees; no steam
machine can produce these parameters. I won’t argue that you can still get
a great cup of coffee, but it’s not technically espresso. – Kat

JD Harding says:

I used to own one of these. I owned it for about 2 days before returning
it. It’s not a real espresso machine. It’s a steam powered coffee maker. ;P

wrestingkingable says:

What super automatic machine would you recommend for the use in a cafe? I
dont know much about how to make drinks is why I’m going for a super

Sandra McLean says:

I had one of these previous models for 5 years, it was decent but now with
my new machine the results are much better

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

It’s a different kind of coffee preparation, more like a stovetop than a
traditional espresso machine. It’s still really good! 🙂 – Kat

vincentvangogodancer says:

I don’t like coffee, I like tea lattés! Is this a good machine to just get
frothy milk? I had a frother that broke after only 6 months, so I bought
this hoping to get a better machine that produces milk for my tea like I
find at the coffee shop. It’s difficult to make good milk though and even
Gail sounds unimpressed. She says “underneath all that there might be
some…” Some what? What am I looking for? What’s the trick for getting
good steamed milk from this thing? Thanks!

Michel Corbin says:

I am really glad I came across this review/video. I have the same machine
and have been struggling with it. I didn’t see the reviewer tamping down
the grinds. Shouldn’t they be tamped down? Thanks.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Great to hear! We say stovetop simply because this is a steam driven
machine, vs. a pump machine, and stovetop espresso is similar in
preparation. The coffee from a steam machine is very different from a pump
machine, that’s all. – Kat

wrestingkingable says:

So is this machine basically just a coffee maker because it doesn’t make
the crema?

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