Decent espresso on cheap machines

Decent espresso on cheap machines

Modded bodum bistro grinder (moved inner ring 8 positions) Modded Silver…



Manolis N says:

…not to mention advanced alien life forms that will reverse engineer my
mods, in order to study humans and their coffee habits! 🙂

powerballmine says:

This machine us uterly useless. I’ve had two now and they have both failed.
Put the money towards a new machine with a reliable brand name. This is
cheap rubbish

arkasza2007 says:

Hey. I also have this machine from lidl… But, when I ground coffee
correctly, this machine give up and coffee is like dropping… When I
ground it thinner, crema is really light and coffee just go too fast…
Gonna buy zelmer 2004m now 🙂

geek85 says:

Wow! The future generations will thank you for providing such a great
quality of coffee!

davide bortolami says:

This coffe is extremely burn

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