Crew Review: DeLonghi PrimaDonna De Luxe Espresso Machine

Crew Review: DeLonghi PrimaDonna De Luxe Espresso Machine

Finally — a machine named after Gail! Check out DeLonghi’s new one-touch superautomatic espresso machine, the PrimaDonna. Featuring both an auto froth syste…



Paul linos says:

Hi. the frothed milk is very hot?

richard khawli says:

So you don’t recommend this machine for someone who wants to try latte art?
I love all the automatic features and the small size but it seems like the
manual frothing is not as good? Please advise I’m thinking to get one. 

Jaksa Dedic says:

I need help! I am interested in DE LONGHI Prima Donna ESAM 6900
Please tell me your impressions and whether the coffee quality? Thank you!

mikern10 says:

I love the looks of this machine but need an honest comparison: DeLonghi
or Jura? The most important criteria for me are shot quality, coffee
temperature and build quality. I would love your reply, and thanks for the
excellent videos!

1timby says:

I can’t help myself. When ever I see another one of your vids, I go make a
fresh cup & watch the hijinks. Another great vid. Thanks

Eric Lages Calça says:

<3 Gail is back! <3 It's not that the other folks aren't nice... It's
just... well, I can't explain why I prefer her videos... ehehehe nice to
read I'm not alone on the fanclub.

SighMN says:

I’ve had three friends who have had DeLonghi’s, and 100% of them broke down
in the first year. One also had a DeLonghi gas heater which also broke
down. This is an attractive super auto, but I just don’t trust their
reliability. Do you know if they’ve addressed some of their reliability
issues recently? I’d rather pay for a Jura or Saeco super auto, as I’ve
not heard as many horror stories. I am biased as I love my Exprelia Saeco
machine. Best purchase I’ve ever made (well at least coffee related!) says:

A machine named after Gail? Must be impossible to get any latte art with
the steamer! ;)

hivliner says:

Gail is the best treat on your channel i think :D

CaffeinatedCoffee15 says:

Yay Grammy is back!!!!

fedgery771 says:

Work it Gail! This looks expensive.

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