Crew Review: DeLonghi ECO310BK

Crew Review: DeLonghi ECO310BK

Looking for an espresso machine but on a tight budget? Check out Gail’s review on another of DeLonghi’s more value-oriented semi-automatic espresso machines.



Amirhossein Roudbari says:

I wanna buy a espresso machine and I’m between this delonghi and Kmix
ES021. Which one would you suggest? And is it possible to do latte art with
this machine? 

Jey Lee says:

What i s the little flip lever on the handle for please

Chris Perry says:

you can use the steamer as a traditional one

murdzilla says:

only the base is plastic, the rest is all steel

Adrian Rogers says:

Thanks for the review and demonstration!

Alex Van de Lolz says:

by the way, the nozzle for froth: on = cappuccino, off = latte – its in the
instruction manual :)

Alex Van de Lolz says:

Pods never give crema like pre-ground or freshly ground coffee, providing
its the correct grind. Love the machine, the filter is hard to fit
correctly but can be ‘forced’ (only with the 1 or 2 shot baskets in), and
it rattles when its in use, but the coffee it makes is lovely. Only use
good quality coffee in it

Chad Bean says:

Thanks Gail and the “other girl”… Not looking to spend a lot of money but
this product seems good for what I’m paying. 

aceUPchristian says:

This is a nice starter espresso machine.
Is the 51mm tamper size you mentioned the one installed? I find it loose,
if i buy a separate tamper, what size should i get?

Gigi Lee says:

Many thanks for the tips. Apart from measuring cup, 20-30 seconds rule, can
we observe the colour as well?

Eve Edwards says:

Thanks for this. Nice to see it in action as we are considering buying it

Gigi Lee says:

To make a perfect cup of espresso – any tips on when to press the stop

weeling ng says:

can i know what is the tamper size of this coffee machine? 

Kelvin Lim says:

Hi i just would like to ask .. i wanted to buy an espresso machine but im
choosing between saeco poemia and delonghi eco310, which of the 2 would you
prefer.. this will also be my first espresso machine .. thanks

janet Q says:

I like this one very much. But heard from others that it has problem with
noisy and drip from the boiler. And I think the Gran Gaggia and Gaggia
Classic are nice as well. I am quite confused which to choose! Would you
help me with this please?? Thx

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@rickthaler I don’t believe so, if it does fit the machine, you could try
it out with water first and then try coffee … but since I haven’t tested
myself, no promises/guarantees 😉 – Kat

Mark Baguley says:

I’ve had one of these for a while and you can steam milk without the
panarello attachment, sometimes it blows the other bit off but most of the
time you get far better milk frothing without the attachment (almost
microfoam!), I also make sure the light is off before I start steaming so
the boiler is constantly working, otherwise it just doesn’t have enough
power. Need to upgrade soon!

mook ielagoo says:

This machine was a great introduction to the world of coffee although
lasted 6 months after making 2 cups a day – A lot of people have had
problems with this machine!!!…Love the vids ladies – If i’m ever in
Seattle i’d love to drop in for a cup….cheers!

Rick Thaler says:

BTW..anyone who has the 310…if you open the steam knob for a sec. or two
(without activating pump) just before you take the filter off to empty the
grinds, they will be significantly drier- almost puck-ish, but certainly
less of a mess. Just something I stumbled upon while trying everything
possible to give this machine a fair trial. The boiler is just really small
and seems less powerful after two weeks of use. Roughly 30 seconds of steam
before the “ready light” go out.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@karlneilinn11 Nope – we currently do not carry Krups, but we may in the
future. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@Dantius2009 Ha — well it is the thought that counts, thank you 😀 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@Malangsufi Thank you! 😀

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@rickthaler I think it will work fine if the PF fits it; generally, if it
seals, you’re good to go – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

I love the Saeco models — great build quality. – Kat

R. Ulises González C. says:

at your opinion what is more reliable this or Delonghi ec702?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

With these guys, we definitely recommend you do the opposite; you risk
burning out the boiler over time if you’re not properly refilling. – Kat

speedy152001 says:

Love your vids. I am learning lots. I got one of these on a whim but the
water even out of the shower is never over 160-170f so I never get a hot
espresso. it steams milk ok though. Am I right that it is probably a faulty

Jackson Chung says:

Here’s an interesting trick to convert the panarello to a regular-ish steam
wand: just paste some cellophane tape over the air intake hole at the top
of the panarello. Boom. No huge foam. The steam is still pretty wet, though.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Temperature really doesn’t play that big of a part in the production of
crema, it’s more about the pressure + leftover CO2 + original fat content
in the bean. – Kat

Karl Roche says:

Not sure that even makes sense – and Delonghi also recommend you do it the
way I mentioned. It really doesn’t need any temp surfing – just run off a
the little water from the steam spout. If you do coffee then milk you get
good coffee every time. I’ve had the machine two years so far.

Bert Merced says:

can you do a review of the Jura X7? and happy Bday to you KAT.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@TheSampleLife Thank you Gary!! Glad you appreciate these reviews even
though you’re a pro 🙂 — Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Does the water drip slowly out if you don’t have coffee in it? If so, then
you need to take apart the portafilter and clean it really well / soak the
basket. If it comes out fine without coffee then your grind is too fine,
you are tamping too hard or you are putting too much coffee in. If you’re
switching between coffees, this could be the cause – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@teddyheavy Sorry, we don’t carry that model, so can’t make a video review.
– Kat

Rick Thaler says:

ok…truly the LAST question (i think ;-)) b4 my decision…..Budget up to
$1200…….Silvia w/ pid…or….Breville Dual Boiler….or…is there
something else i should consider?…Your opinion pleease…and if you
could…Gail’s opinion?..(i think she kinda diggs the dual from watching
the vids) Thank you for your patience with me..and of course the sharing of
your knowledge!!

speedy152001 says:

@SeattleCoffeeGear Thanks for the advice Kat. I did just that and traded
up. Now got a Gaggia New Baby. It only ships in UK with pressurised baskets
but I know I can purchase regular ones. And it is toasty 🙂

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@AislingJulia We haven’t — we don’t carry that specific model but know
that it performs similarly to all the rest of the DeLonghi semi-autos.
Great to hear that you are digging your machine! 🙂 – Kat

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