Crew Review: Capresso 4 Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Machine

Crew Review: Capresso 4 Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Machine

This steam-powered machine produces coffee not unlike that from a stovetop/moka espresso maker. More of a rich, strong cup of coffee than a traditional espre…



Seattle Coffee Gear says:

+Joanne H Sorry your experience with the machine has not been good. The
machine does not have a pump and it relies in steam pressure to push water
through the ground. So most likely the issue with the espresso has to do
with not enough pressure build up, or your grounds may have been too fine.
As far as the steam wand, there could possibly a scale clog, or some milk
residue clogging the tip. You could try using a safety pin or needle to try
to dislodge any unseen build up from the plastic part of the panarello. –

Goce TheMacedonian says:

Hey Sarah,, can you tell me, if you know by any chance, is it wrong to make
just one shot of espresso? the portefilter is for 4,, and I couldn’t find
any other portefilter, like for 1 shot, for 2 shots etc.,, trying to find
one online, but no luck. any comment on that? tnx.

Justus Antony Jose says:

For extracting the maximum flavor, Steam or Pump driven (like Saeco Poemia)
? Which tastes better?

Jerad Bowes says:

I figured out a quick way to de-pressurize the machine. Rather than force
it all through the steam wand, simply remove the carafe, put an empty
container of some sort under the filter, and push the slider all the way to
the right. It instantly depressurizes.

I assume this isn’t bad for the machine?

Goce TheMacedonian says:

One more tip for this machine, the steam wand works perfectly and way
better without the nozzle, steams the milk in an amazing way. thumbs up!

Shane Gray says:

I am glad that I found Seattle Coffee Gear! Your reviews are very
informative and fun to watch. I recently picked up a Mr. Coffee Espresso
BVMC-ECM260 (Not Really) now I know Steam Espresso Machine. Not the
Espresso that I was wanting but actually a very nice strong… not bitter
and not burnt (i’m looking at you (-_-) SBUX)… flavorful cup of coffee.
Reminds me of my french press brews but with a much more robust flavor.

At first I was using the machine like it was a real pump espresso machine
and actually trying to tamp the grounds, after watching this I got a near
perfect pot of great coffee out of it.

I see know why someone would actually buy a steam espresso machine over say
a pump or other capsule coffee maker. It can make cafe ala frothed milk
like no ones business.

TheDariush19 says:

It would seem that many users have not read the directions carefully. You
need to make sure that the steam valve on the right side of the machine is
completely tight before you turn the power button on; also the selector on
the front should be under coffee. What they did not do in the video is turn
the selector to “steam” once the espresso is pulled to the FIRST line. This
is when you should use the steam to froth your milk by slowly opening the
steam valve with the steamer in your milk. Once your milk is frothed (or
steamed) you should tighten the valve completely once again, and turn the
selector back to “coffee.” Now, you will see that the espresso will be
pulled much faster due to the pressure built up during your steaming.

The most important reason for this is to not let the water overheat while
pulling the espresso, burning your grind in the process.

So remember, fill to the FIRST line;
Steam your milk;
Put your milk down;
Then finish pulling (dripping?) your espresso
(Unless you enjoy the burnt taste after watching it drip for a few minutes)

Joanne H says:

Used it about 15 times in a years’ time and then it stopped working. Would
not steam/froth milk anymore only made espresso and did not fill the pot.
After letting it cool down and opening the fill cap there was still water
in the tank. I ran it through 3 cleaning cycles with vinegar and did get
some calcium out but by the 3rd time it was clean. Never could get the
steam to come out. I would not recommend this product. 

jandtsmom says:

Thank you for this demo. I was just given one, but it didn’t come with
instructions. I have never owned one before, so I had no idea how to use

Cinenutz, thank you for your reply, I was thinking the same thing, and you
confirmed that for me.

Petla Das says:

KAT..plz tell me whether i should tamp the coffee or not for this machine?

streetglidetexas says:

We just got one of these machines and after only 4 uses, i can’t seem to
get it to make more than 3 cups of espresso (by the measuring line on the
class carafe). I’ve put the full amount of water in there as the
directions stated. Anyone else having this issue?

anthyman1 says:

@SeattleCoffeeGear Don’t be too sure. It might not really be crema, it
might just be foam. I also couldn’t get the steam wand deep enough with
this machine. I think that they tried to oversimplify this machine.

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@JohnMasterbator My thoughts? I don’t really have any specifically. It is
what it is. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

You want to use an espresso blend as it generally consists of coffee that
can stand up well to the high pressure of espresso extraction. – Kat

cinenutz says:

As a 5-year+ steam user, I wanted to point out that you do NOT need to blow
all the pressure out like that after every use. What a mess and a hassle!
The pressure should die down naturally after a few minutes (15-20, in my
experience). Unless you intend to make an immediate second cup, you can
just wait while enjoying your first. Before brewing number two, simply test
the pressure by opening and closing the steam valve. If it sputters weakly,
you know it’s safe to open and refill the tank.

sweetnightingale2907 says:

Haha! This machine reminds me a lot of my el-cheapo Wally-World special
Hubby got me for Christmas a few years back. Mine doesn’t make a true
espresso, just the strong black coffee type drink. I then got a Nespresso
Citiz a couple months ago and really love it. However, I want to get an
espresso machine where I can grind and use my own coffee. Since it’s just
Hubby and me, I’m looking into the Capresso EC100, as I like the price
point and seems to do a good job. Loved the video…

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

That’s a great choice! 🙂 – Kat

Ananya Singh says:


Superbob Tendo says:

Drop/Fail/Whoooop!!!!!…. lol… real and hilarious at the same time….
shoulda got time on Ellen …

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@pcblah Haha — agreed 🙂 – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@jayroxie It’s an easy to use machine that produces a specific type of
coffee, not traditional espresso. If you are looking specifically for
espresso, then I would choose another model that is pump vs. steam driven –

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Thanks — you, too 😀 – Kat

JT Gould says:

Kat… I got this machine from my employer as a anniversary gift and love
it. I know it is a beginners machine but it works pretty good for my needs.
I was wondering what the metal cup that you use to steam and froth the milk
is called? I wanted to get one so I can steam my milk since it looks like
the perfect size. Thanks!

christian pagan says:

hey i like ur video as i am going to be getting one of these machines. and
i was wondering do u use regular coffee in it or do i have to buy special
coffee?? i am hoping i can use just regular coffee

EnigmaC4 says:

another SUPER VIDEO 🙂

Mason Patel says:

So would you say this is a good starting machine (i was looking for a
machine somewhere around 50 dollars and i ended up getting this one before
i stumbled on your video review)? What is the difference between the stove
top espresso machines and the machines higher end machines? I’ve been using
the stove top espresso machine for years and ended up getting this machine
for convenience but i can’t see coffee tasting much better than out of a
stove top espresso machine?

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@jayroxie As we mention in the video, it’s more akin to stove top espresso
because it is steam driven. – Kat

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

Great to hear! Glad we could help 😀 – Kat

xWalleRx says:

Ive had one of these things since christmas and had no idea how to use thanks for the instructional video of sorts. 😀

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@anthyman1 Cool – we will have to try that out and see what kind of results
we get. Thanks for the feedback! – Kat

pcblah says:

@SeattleCoffeeGear im just wondering… was the 1000$ delonghi i bought
with my mom worth it? its auto and has removeable parts… (not auto milk
frother) ps: i spent 440$ on it and my mom payed the other half and the
price went down to 750

pcblah says:

@SeattleCoffeeGear its pretty good… unless u get addicted and drink 19
cups in 2 days making u sick of coffee for awhile… but… is awsome 😀

sweetnightingale2907 says:

You ladies crack me up. Happy brewing. 🙂

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@MrRubenEsp ?

JohnMasterbator says:

What are your thoughts on microfoam? I find that many shops continue to
make lattes and cappuccinos with “seafoam.”

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@anthyman1 OK – well, I will try it out and see how it fares. I think that
it’s a great option for stovetop/moka pot users because the coffee is
comparable; but it’s not going to be traditional espresso just because of
the temperature element. – Kat

anthyman1 says:

I have one of these, and I always tamp the coffee, and it usually has GREAT
crema, I think…

Mason Patel says:

@SeattleCoffeeGear oh ok, i understand, can you recommend any similarly
price espresso machines (i.e. under 100 $) that would produce that
traditional espresso machines? (i’ve found some other pump machines, but
what in particular drew my attention to this machine was that the build
quality was good and it looked like it wouldn’t break down in under a
year). i’ve watched a couple of your videos i know that u say that the pump
is the best and you should get a decent grinder for the coffee

jayroxie says:

hi im thinking about buying this for a gift is this worth the price for a
beginner? thanks

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@hapi2009 Turn it off, otherwise it will keep heating/creating steam – Kat

ibrahim alalaty says:

thanks kat thanks gail 🙂 loool the small ring in your finger
looooooooooool 🙂 why you wear it looool

Seattle Coffee Gear says:

@doctorofthefuture It’s just a very different prep, heat, temp and duration
wise than with a traditional pump driven espresso machine. This machine is
very similar to what you have been drinking because it’s steam driven, like
your stovetop. I think this is going to be neck and neck with your
stovetop, coffee flavor wise, but it’s not a traditional espresso
extraction. To change the flavor noticeably, you’d need to get a pump
driven machine. For what this is, I think it’s great. – Kat

AmberTrystan says:

gee how long does it take to work?

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