Cleaning the espresso machine

Cleaning the espresso machine


jaxxxis says:

overall great video, very informative. i would, however, strongly recommend
against using a scotchbrite pad on the filter basket. its ok to use it on
the portafilter but using a strong abrasive on the basket will actually
slowly increase the size of the holes, later resulting in grounds in your
shots. i use a softer cloth, like a dish rag.

Niko Barista says:

Nice video. Surprised to see you do not rinse the groups thoroughly after
the cleaning. Detergent can build up in the solenoid valve and make it not
close properly and drip. This is why groups will drip sometimes and the
next few shots will have soap in them. Also, as part of the group cleaning,
we take the shower screen out daily as well. Daily grinder hopper cleaning
is a first for me. Impressive, although putting the sweet oily bean in some
random cardboard box, less impressive.

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