Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee Recipe – Topless Baker

Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee Recipe – Topless Baker

It couldn’t be easier to recreate the Starbucks cold brew coffee recipe at home – with just 2 ingredients and a French press! The recipe is quick and easy to do, and you can just make it the night before and it is ready to go!

Anddd this isn’t sponsored by Starbucks – I just like Starbucks coffee – they have no idea who Topless Baker is ha!

For this cold brew coffee recipe you will need:

75g Ground Starbucks Coffee
450g Filtered Water
The ratio is 1 part coffee, 6 parts water and you can increase or decrease it as much as you need!

Filmed and Produced by Simone Sampó:



Caroline Doxsee says:

Can you bake in my kitchen please ???

Camily Tsai says:

Great video as always!!
This is kind of related, but also unrelated lol—I think cold brew coffee goes very well with matcha green tea.
You should definitely try it if you haven't already 😀

Ash says:

i actually work at starbucks so i'm really tempted to try this

Ruth Carlson says:

You don't need to weigh water! 1g = 1ml…. so 450g will always be 450ml

karen varela says:

Put music top less baker

Rikki Thrutchley says:

lets just for a moment. u said your not sweet enough. i call bull, your a dumpling and a half

Chelsea Ricketts says:

I work at Starbucks and it's a delight to see him recreate our drink. But next time strain the coffee more with a cheese cloth or a coffee strainer.

MsDisney1111 says:

Dude wash those water marks off for camera lol … I have a fantastic cold brew recipe..
Come home from club put 2 spoons of Nescafe in a mug add water and lots of milk, fall asleep in the chair ..wake 6 hours later take a mouthful, shudder put it in the fridge, go to bed get up in the morning shove it in micro and wallah! Latte

April Brown says:

Starbucks would have wrote your name wrong

Nermeen says:

Am i the only person who watches for the actual recipes ?? Plz tell me I'm not the only one ??!!!!.

Chams Agosila says:

i love you im crying

Mushroom says:

id like to have a sip of you oh my lord

Sivaani Suvin says:

If he worked at starbucks I would be a daily customer

Ariana Valdivia says:

thank you for your videos! this one and the double chocolate chip one is my favorite! just bought a french presd on Amazon! time to try this out and save some money!

Amrit Pannu says:

I wish I found this when I actually liked coffee. It's all about tea now.

Mollie Baker says:

The cup wasn't authentic enough. You spelled the name right…

David Aristizabal says:

Is it necessary show your body to be relevant here ? Lmao that’s basic asf.

Mehak Arora says:

Didn't that ice in the cup melt by watching you because that's what's happening to me!!!

Jamie Wall says:

with a cold brew, your supposed to have it with simple syrup and no milk 😉

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